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‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Rick Kisses Jessie After Meeting Her Husband

Sun, March 8, 2015 10:29pm EDT by Lauren Cox 25 Comments

Despite all of their suspicious, Rick and the group are still in Alexandria. Things get particularly interesting when ‘The Walking Dead’s leader smooches a married woman.

On the March 8 episode of The Walking Dead, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) finds his romantic side once again. But while he’s trying to figure out how to cope with his feelings, Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) find themselves bonding in the woods, and Carol (Melissa McBride) becomes a terrifying human being in order to keep a top secret plan in action.

‘The Walking Dead’: Rick Kisses Jessie In Alexandria

Apparently, Rick and Michonne aren’t the only ones who can’t sleep in Alexandria. Sasha is tossing and turning and glaring at pictures of strangers that hang on the walls of her new home. Finally, she gives up and heads out just as the sun is rising.

We next see her inside a garage filled with guns and accompanied by a neighbor named Olivia who is under the impression Sasha is going hunting for wild boars. Instead, Sasha takes the gun deep into the woods outside of the Alexandria walls to shoot the picture frames filled with people she doesn’t know and never will. The entire time she’s shooting she’s looking over her shoulder, and once things get intense she starts to hear the echoes of hungry walkers in her head. Unfortunately for her, they are only in her head.

No walkers come crawling out of the woods to get her, and instead of heading back inside the safe zone she takes a seat on a tree stump and says, “Come and get me.” Apparently, Sasha wants to die. Either that or she wants to go full Rick ahead on some walkers to get out some of her frustrations.

Meanwhile, in another part of the woods, Rick, Carol, and Daryl are conspiring without the eyes and ears of Alexandria on them. They meet near the abandoned house where Rick hid a gun that someone else picked up, and agree that they want everyone else to try to acclimate themselves — but they are still holding out on getting too comfortable.

Just before leaving they encounter a walker, and Carol uses him as an opportunity to shoot some rounds. However, when they pass the body on their way back to Alexandria, they see he has a “W” carved into his head. What could that “W” mean — and does it have anything to do with Alexandria?

Deanna Invites Rick & The Group To A Party

Later when Rick meets up with Michonne back at the house, he confesses to her that he’s unsure if Deanna making them cops is a play or not. They are strangers, and now they have control over the community, so he’s right to be suspicious. But, then again, he’s always suspicious.

Rick and Michonne’s first order of business? Amping up Alexandria’s security. When they find out there is no one on “look out” duty they freak out on Deanna, and they finally convince her to appoint someone to guard duty. Sasha volunteers, but Deanna is skeptical — and she still hasn’t given Sasha a real job yet. For whatever reason, Deanna finds this moment a great time to tell the gang that she is hosting a “welcome” mixer for them at her home.

Can you believe that Rick and the group have been fighting to survive out in the world this long, and Deanna is just hosting welcome mixers? Weird.

‘The Walking Dead’: Why Rick Really Needs To Hook Up With Jessie

Daryl and Aaron continue hunting together, and they stumble upon a gorgeous wild horse eating grass in the woods. Aaron shares that he has been trying to catch him for a while, but it’s been impossible. That’s when Daryl shows us that he is apparently a secret horse whisperer. He gets so close to the beauty he nearly gets a rope around it’s neck, but then a group of walkers comes out from behind the horse and sends it running for the hills.

Carol is still up to plotting her and Rick’s plan of action, so she visits Olivia and the gun locker to sneak in and unlock a window. Thanks to a flirty guy named Tobin and Carol’s impressively naive act, she succeeds. But, will that window still be unlocked later when she returns to lift some weapons?

Deanna’s mixer is just as ridiculous as it sounded when she mentioned it. Not only is everyone dressed up and listening to classical music, but they are drinking beer and wine and acting like everything in the world is fine. I suddenly understand why Rick and the group are all so taken back but these people, because they are completely oblivious to the horror that lives outside of their walls. Or, at least that’s what they want us to think.

However, it is really nice to see Rick, Abraham, Rosita, and everyone else all cleaned up and dressed nicely. Their social skills are seriously lacking because of everything they’ve been through, but they are all there. Well, except Daryl.

Carol Threatens To Kill Another Child

Daryl is still out in the woods with Aaron, and they eventually track down the horse, Buttons, that they were trying to catch and bring home. Unfortunately, they are too late — because a group of walkers got to the horse before they could. It’s heartbreaking to watch them take the horse down, and also a major throwback to season one — when Rick’s horse gets taken down in Atlanta.

Back at the party, Noah is having trouble getting socialized, which is why Glenn and Maggie find him being a wallflower. When they approach him he says he might leave, but they talk him into staying by telling him they are all in this together. Maggie’s working with Deanna somehow in a government-like position, so it seems like her and Glenn are actually trying to fit in and get comfortable.

Rick finally gets to meet Jessie’s husband, Pete, face-to-face. The only and only time we met him before he was sitting in the dark on his front porch and was super unfriendly to Rick, but now he’s charismatic and polite and completely throwing me off. Also weird? Both Jessie and Pete have big red A’s stamped on their hands. It turns out that their son is the one with the stamp, but the idea of it all is still suspicious.

Moments later Rick and Jessie are alone in a room inside Deanna’s party cooing over baby Judith. Jessie tells Rick it’s been a long time since she got to hold a baby, and they bond over the chubby-cheeked little princess. You can tell that Rick is taken with Jessie in a way we haven’t seen him taken with anyone in a very, very long time. It’s like she’s awakened something in him that he forgot he was capable of.

Before they go their separate ways, Rick leans in and kisses Jessie on the cheek very softly. They linger there for a moment staring into each other’s eyes before Jessie finally pulls back, smiles, and walks away. The sexual tension between these two is already so intense!

You can check out their kiss on Vine below:

Oh, and Carol went missing — because once Olivia showed up, she went to break into the gun locker and go on a stealing rampage.

An unsuspecting character was following Carol without her knowledge: Jessie’s son, Sam. He thought she was going to make more cookies for the party, but continued to follow her when she climbed in Olivia’s window and started packing guns into a bag.

Carol tells him he shouldn’t tell anyone what he caught her doing, and that in return she’ll make him lots of cookies. Sam doesn’t want to play that game though and instead shares that he’s going to tell his mom because he tells her everything. Suddenly, Carol’s demeanor changes, and she slowly approaches Sam until he’s forced back against a wall as she’s speaking to him in a terrifying tone. She’s telling him that if he tells his mom about this, he’ll wake up one morning tied to a tree in the woods far, far away from Alexandria, where the monsters will come and get him and eat him while he’s still alive.

This is hands down Carol’s scariest moment. Hands. Down.

Aaron Presents Daryl With A Very Cool Gift

When Aaron and Daryl get back to Alexandria, Daryl finds himself staring in the windows of Deanna’s party and debating going inside. He of course doesn’t, but Aaron catches him leaving and stops him. Aaron didn’t go either because he wanted to stay home and take care of Eric who is still suffering from his broken ankle. Surprisingly, when Aaron invites Daryl inside for dinner, he accepts.

Eric and Aaron somehow find the strength not to laugh at Daryl’s lack of table manners as he slurps up his spaghetti and wipes his mouth on his sleeve, but what they have in store for him is even better than a freshly cooked dinner. After their meal, Aaron takes Daryl into the garage where there is a motorcycle and parts laid out. Apparently when Aaron and Eric moved into the home the bike was already there, and once he met Daryl he knew he would want to put it together. Thankfully, Aaron has been collecting parts for a while, so it looks like Daryl will have a running bike in no time. How cool is that?

Also, who thought Aaron would be the one to get Daryl to warm up to Alexandria?

Sasha finally arrives at the party and you can tell she doesn’t want to be there. In fact, when Spencer answers the door he catches her trying to leave before anyone answered. Unfortunately for her, she failed.

Inside the party Sasha can’t bare to be bothered talking to anyone. Deanna approaches her and asks her to just listen to the other people, but when she does she completely loses it. The women around her are talking about book clubs, and cooking, and just the most insignificant every day things that no longer exist outside of Alexandria.

When an Alexandrian approaches Sasha and introduces herself, things take a turn. She snaps on the poor, unsuspecting woman for only being concerned about what to make her for dinner. Then, she storms out.

The next morning Deanna meets her at the gate and tries to figure out why she can’t break Sasha, but Sasha doesn’t provide her with any answers. Instead Sasha tells her that Alexandria isn’t real, and Deanna tells her that’s bullshit before walking away.

Before the episode ends we see Rick, Carol, and Daryl back at the abandoned white house in the woods where they take handguns that were stolen from Olivia’s house. When they return, Rick encounters Jessie and her husband walking down the street. They wave hello, and Rick watches them walk back into their home. When Pete gently touches the back of Jessie’s hand, he reaches into his belt for his gun… and then stops.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do you think Rick and Jessie are going to hook up? Do you think there’s a connection between the A stamps and the W on the walkers head? Comment below!

— Lauren Cox