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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Maleficent Harbors A Tragic Secret

Sun, March 8, 2015 10:23pm EDT by Avery Thompson 2 Comments

The March 8 episode of ‘Once Upon A Time’ revealed exactly why Maleficent has such a vendetta against Snow and David, and it’s devastating.

Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and David (Josh Dallas) have a big secret, and it’s part of the reason why Maleficent (Kristin Bauer van Straten) is the ultimate villain. On the March 8 episode of Once Upon A Time, Maleficent’s heartbreak was revealed, Snow asked Regina (Lana Parilla) for an incredible favor, the seeds for August’s (Eion Bailey) return were planted and we realized that Emma’s (Jennifer Morrison) bonds with the people she loves are about to be blown to pieces.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Sins Of The Past

Snow woke up to David gone and when she went to cuddle up to baby Neal, the Queens of Darkness showed up. Maleficent threatened to reveal Snow’s secret which would leave her family in ruins. Thankfully, this was all just a dream, but it sent a strong message to Snow. She knew she had to get the queens out of Storybrooke now.

Cruella and Ursula weren’t receiving the best of welcomes from the Storybrooke residents. When Regina showed up at Granny’s, Cruella and Ursula taunted her about her evil past. Regina wasn’t going to have that.

“If you bring up the sins of my past to my son again, I’ll throw you back across that town line faster than you can say costume jewelry,” Regina threatened. Preach it, girl!

David and Snow were getting increasingly frantic about the Queens of Darkness revealing their secret. They were so nervous that David cruelly interrupted Hook and Emma’s date! They were holding hands and everything! So rude.

Ursula and Cruella headed to Gold’s Shop to obtain something they desperately needed. They distracted Belle with talk of Rumple while Ursula used her tentacles to grab Maleficent’s secret box. Once Rumple heard about this find, he knew Maleficent’s slumber was nearly over. He was ready to wake up the beast.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Heroes & Villains

Back in the Enchanted Forest days, Snow and Charming encountered Maleficent, Cruella and Ursula after their honeymoon. The Queens of Darkness wanted to make a deal. Apparently, Regina had stolen the darkest curse in the known world from Maleficent.

Regina was going to use it if they didn’t find a way to stop her. As we all know, Regina would set this curse because that’s how Once Upon A Time was born. The Queens needed answers from the wisdom tree in the forest. However, the tree’s answers could only be unlocked by valiant heroes — Snow and Charming.

After forging a relationship with the Queens, Snow and Charming headed to the wisdom tree all on their own. They asked how to stop the curse, but it didn’t work. A powerful explosion blasted them back. Maleficent realized that the reason they couldn’t get the answer on how to defeat Regina was because Snow was pregnant.

“You may be heroes, but that doesn’t mean your child will be,” Maleficent said regarding little Emma. Snow and Charming’s child was the product of true love, so Emma could turn out to be a hero or a villain. If she turned out evil, Emma could be darker than any and every villain we know about. Gulp.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Secrets & Lies

Back in the real world, Snow and David headed to find the Maleficent’s ashes so they could put a stop to her resurrection. They still had small trinket of Maleficent’s that would also hinder bringing her back.

After a brief encounter with the sea queen earlier, Emma started questioning Hook about Ursula. It became crystal clear he was holding something back about his pirating days. Could Ariel have something to do with this?! Later, Emma told Hook that he didn’t have to open up to her about his past if he didn’t want to. She chose to see the best in him no matter what he’s done.

Regina and Henry were still on the search for the Author and hit a possible landmine. August had changed Pinocchio’s story in the storybook, so that meant Regina could, too! August was no longer around, but Pinocchio was! Emma asked little Pinocchio if he remembered anything about what August had done to change the book, but he came up short. Regina apologized for the bad behavior she’d had earlier. Geppetto sensed her desperation and handed over August’s bag.

Cruella and Ursula had lured Snow and David to the cave because they needed the blood of the people who’d wronged Maleficent. She was easily resurrected. She’s baaaaack and was ready to watch Snow and David’s world crumble.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Ready To Watch The World Burn

Prepare yourselves. The final moments of tonight’s episode shocked me, and it wasn’t because Belle and Will Scarlett kissed! Back in the Enchanted Forest, Maleficent went to Snow in the middle of the night to reveal a huge secret — she was pregnant! She wanted to team up with Snow to protect their children. Shockingly, Snow said no. She believed that good would triumph and wouldn’t compromise who she was to help Maleficent.

In the present day, Snow went to Regina. She needed Regina to go undercover and get close the Queens. If Emma found out that Snow and David had been keeping her darkness a secret for so long, she’d never forgive them.

Snow said it best: “When you betray the people you love, when you make them see the worst parts of you, what you’ve done changes everything.”

Her secret with David would shatter the bond with Emma they’d worked so hard to forge. Maleficent, Ursula and Cruella watched over the town and were waiting for their chance to strike. The little trinket that David had earlier was actually a rattle! Snow confessed that it was because of her and David that Maleficent lost her child!

Ain’t nothing scarier than a villain scorned. Watch out, Snow and David. Watch out.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Snow and Charming killed Maleficent’s baby? (No way, right?) What is up with Hook and Ursula? Let me know your thoughts below!

— Avery Thompson