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‘Family Guy’: Artist Covers ‘Uptown Funk’ In Cartoon Voices – Watch

Thu, March 5, 2015 9:28am EDT by 2 Comments

This is too incredible to even describe. A talented voice artist decided to try out a very interesting range of characters for a certain cover song and, well, the performance definitely gets animated!

Have you ever wondered what Stewie Griffin would sound like singing Bruno Mars? Maybe not, but after watching this, you’ll probably never be able to listen to “Uptown Funk” the same way again. YouTube sensation Mikey Bolts got very creative in his cover of the hit song, and you’ll have to watch it to believe it!

‘Family Guy’: ‘Uptown Funk’ Cover

Apparently Seth MacFarlane isn’t the only one who can voice a ton of ill-mannered characters in the same breath.

YouTubers in the know have watched Mikey Bolts heat up the web with his incredible cover songs for months, but his most recent performance has everyone talking. Taking on the voices of Family Guyas well as other classic cartoons, Mikey sings the Mark Ronson/Bruno collab with so much skill, it’s actually hard to believe it’s all him.

Mikey of course tries his hand at the classic Peter Griffin, as well as diabolical Stewie Griffin. He also gives funky life to the less obvious yet totally appropriate Herbert (better known as the Griffin’s old man neighbor who has a, uh, fondness for Chris).

‘Oh Nooo’

The characters and insane impressions don’t stop there, though. Next up, wheelchair bound Joe Swanson whose manly voice is an interesting twist on the song. Amazingly, the impressions then start to extend beyond Family Guy.

Next up, Hank Hill from King of the Hill, whose monotone droll is just hilariously unsuited for the bouncy tune. Next, Roger, AKA the little grey alien from American Dad, then back to Family Guy once more with the unexpected yet almost necessary inclusion of Mr. “oh noooo,” whose real name, honestly, we’re not very interested in knowing.

What do you think of the cover?

— Casey Mink