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‘American Idol’ Recap: Sarina-Joi Crowe Kills On Top 8 Girls Night

Thu, March 5, 2015 9:00pm EDT by 5 Comments

They are dropping like flies on ‘American Idol.’ We’re down to the top eight female performers, and those remaining had to prove why they were still standing.  Did they deliver?

On the Mar. 5 episode of American Idol, it was the ladies’ turn to show off their stuff. Following the awesome showing of the top eight boys the night before, the pressure was seriously on for the girls to compete with their male counterparts. Sarina-Joi Crowe gave one of her best performances to date, while Adanna Duru underwhelmed. And, of course, we went from 12 to eight, meaning four ladies were sent packing. Check out a full recap!

Ladies, You’re Up

Like last night, the evening’s format made for even more pressure.

All 12 ladies waited on stage for their name to be called, which meant they had been voted through to the next round.

The first to make it into the top eight is Tyanna Jones singing “Rockin’ Robin.” Tyanna is young, like most of the contestants, and absolutely adorable. Her electric blue afro alone makes me a fan. Her mature jazz voice is just an added bonus. Keith Urban completely agreed, saying she had a “perfect song choice.”

Next up, Loren Lott singing the Michael Jackson hit “I Wanna Be Where You Are.” After Tyanna, her performance feels slightly lackluster. But again, she just has such a mature sound for such a young girl. Jennifer Lopez said, “you really made me smile.” Not the most constructive criticism, but honestly, I feel the same. It was just a good, solid performance.

Game Changers

Maddie Walker brought the energy down a bit singing “I’ll Be There.” You guys know I haven’t had the best things to say about Maddie and, honestly, this performance doesn’t necessarily change my mind about her, but for the first time I’m seeing who she may actually be as an artist and her voice can just really soar on such a big ballad. Harry Connick Jr.  gave her an ultimate compliment saying, if anyone doubted she was worthy of being there, she just shut them all down. You know what? I kinda agree!

Next up, Joey Cook, who I’ve been a fan of since day one and her shrieking as she took to the stage made me like her even more. She sang “Shop Around” by The Miracles. It’s classic Joey: smooth, cool, really weird. But really, the fact that I can identify characteristics as “classic Joey” just proves how well she’s identified herself so far. JLo beamed as she complimented her. “You’re so unique…It’s really special to be able to bear your heart and soul.” And Harry dropped the word “artistry.” Exactly.

Sarina-Joi Crowe also took on The Miracles: “You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me.” She completely rearranged the song: stripped it down and turned it into a melody-rich ballad and it was awesome. I couldn’t tell you a single detail about her prior to tonight, but after this performance, I’ll remember Sarina-Joi. “You really, really sing,” JLo said. “I really believe in you,” she added.

Next, Adanna Duru took on the daunting task of singing Lionel Richie‘s “Hello.” She is an incredible singer, clearly. I just wish she had done something more interesting. She seemed to be trying very hard to connect and in trying to do so,it kinda prevented her from actually doing so. But again, great voice. Harry was pretty harsh and said “the whole thing was out of tune.” Yeesh. I still hope she gets another shot.

Artistry, Artistry, Artistry

Of course, Jax made it through. She’s singing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” You guys know I love Jax. Her uniqueness and stylization remain unmatched amongst these girls. “You just have such strong artistry… Nobody else has got that,” Keith said. Bingo! And bonus– Jax is wearing THE DRESS (you know the one).

We have just one spot left. And it goes to… Alexis Gomez. Of the five who remained on that stage, she was certainly the one I was rooting for here. She sang “I Can’t Help Myself.” To be real, I hate this song, particularly in an Idol setting. It is just so karaoke. Still, Alexis (and her signature barefeet– time to let that go, Alexis) did the song justice, at least to the extent that her vocal potential could be heard. But yeah, better song choice next time Alexis. “That was really out of key,” JLo said. “There’s a lot of things I did not like about that performance, but you have to figure out how to control yourself emotionally because you’re very good,” Harry said. Exactly. She got potential!

Sadly, we say goodbye to Shi, Shannon, Katherine and Lovey.

Who was your favorite tonight? Are the right girls going home?

— Casey Mink