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Karrueche Tran: Dump Chris Brown For Good After Baby Drama

Wed, March 4, 2015 5:33pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 12 Comments

Karrueche, you’ve told the world in a tweet that you’ve had it with Chris Brown, his family and his baby drama. But now, you’ve got to stick with your resolve and look forward, not back.

Karrueche Tran, it must have been heartbreaking for you when the news broke on March 3rd that your longtime boyfriend, Chris Brown, was the father of a nine-month-old baby girl.

Karrueche Tran Dumping Chris Brown For Good After Baby Drama? — It’s Time

We hear at from a source that you really did learn about Chris’s secret love child online, like the rest of the world.

Karrueche, you’ve been through enough heartrending times with Chris Brown since you two first got together, over four years ago.

Shall I revisit just a few? There was the frightening night that you found yourself in the middle of a wild bottle-throwing fight in NYC club WIP after Chris and his then-nemesis Drake‘s entourages started to brawl over Rihanna, 27.

Then you went through many months of Chris two-timing you with Rihanna, as he and the songstress reignited their romance secretly, before he finally dumped you. Then Chris left you on the sidelines for months while he and Rihanna dived into a full-fledged public relationship again.

Finally, after they split and you two got back together, you stood by Chris, now 25, while he was jailed twice for parole violations stemming from his Rihanna assault in 2009. First, for 108 days and then for what seemed like an endless 4 months.

Oh, and let’s not forget that before Chris went to jail, he spent time in two different rehabs, and uh, wasn’t he kicked out of one for having sex with a fellow patient?

Karrueche– he couldn’t even stay true to you while he was in rehab! Clearly, he couldn’t commit to monogamy on the outside of rehab and jails.

Chris Brown May Be Charming, But He’s Got A History

Chris has reportedly indulged in threesomes, and he recently admitted in a radio interview that it’s hard for him to resist other women when he’s on tour, even though he cares about you.

Karrueche– that’s a lot to put up with. Most women would have exited this relationship long ago, even if their boyfriend was Chris Brown.

Now, we get that Chris, is handsome, very talented, rich, successful and the man can be very charming. He also has a lot of good intentions. He’s done a tremendous job of raising money to support his Symphonic Love Foundation, and through that foundation has given invaluable help to many children and teens.

So we can see that Chris can be hard to extricate yourself from. You see the good in him, but he also has a long history of troubles and troubled behavior.

But on top of that, he simply and clearly isn’t ready to make a commitment to be monogamous with one woman: you. That’s why he’s continued to have flirtations with other girls on the side including one who you know– Nia Amey— who has given him a daughter.

Karrueche: You’re So Over Chris Brown

We hear at that you are beyond furious. “She’s so over this dude. The relationship is over. She really can’t do this with him anymore,” a source close to you tells exclusively.

“She’s removing herself from Chris Brown entirely. She doesn’t care about her clothes and all the other things at his house. She never, ever wants to see him again or be in his presence,” insists the source. “She’s absolutely disgusted by him and his deceiving ways.”

Karrueche, your feelings are completely understandable, especially because you were blind-sided by the news– Chris hadn’t told you about the baby, according to another source close to you.

You must feel like the floor has just fallen out from under you. Chris not only cheated on you with a woman you know, but he had a baby with her, and kept that secret from you.

What was he thinking?

And this news isn’t even that long after your last very public breakup when Chris publicly announced at a Cali Christmas concert on Dec. 5 that he was a single man and he actually said: “F**ck that b*tch!” to the crowd. Chris apparently thought that you had cheated with his old rival: Drake ,28.

What a double standard the man has!

Karrueche: It’s Time To Move On From Chris Brown

Now, as it turned out– you hadn’t cheated with Drake– and you and Chris kissed and made up. It’s pretty ironic, though, that Chris apparently thinks it’s ok for him to step out on you. So, Karrueche, I hope that after ALL THIS, you will now finally stand firm and stay broken up from Chris. You’re just 26 and you’ve spent enough of your life committed to a guy with whom you have no hope of a future. Chris just isn’t ready to make a commitment to a one-on-one long-term relationship.

You need to start moving forward with your life now and not waste more precious time and love on a guy who can’t be a one-woman man.

It’s time to let Chris focus on his daughter, being a good dad and building his career and his maturity level. Move on, Karrueche, and don’t look back!

Do you agree, HollywoodLifers — is it time for Karrueche to dump Chris for good? Let me know.

— Bonnie Fuller