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‘Empire’ Sneak Peek: Cookie Busts Anika For Being A Traitor — Watch

Wed, March 4, 2015 10:59am EDT by 1 Comment

So basically, no one on ‘Empire’ is telling the truth ever. In a sneak peek at the Mar. 4 episode, it’s Anika’s turn to try her hand at deceit. And Cookie, obviously, is not pleased.

I’d be pretty nervous if I were Anika (Grace Gealey). In a sneak peek at the upcoming episode of Empire, Lucious’ (Terrence Howard) fiancee gets caught in what seems to be a big ol’ lie, and Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) is going to make sure she won’t get away with it. Watch the clip now to see how the former Mrs. Lyon springs into action and–bonus!– the term “bye, Felicia,” is used!

‘Empire’: Cookie Catches Anika

The Lucious/Anika wedding is looking more and more unrealistic by the day.

In this sneak peek, the once-happy couple is seen planning their nuptials with a wedding planner, who pitches a heap of doves for the bridal party. “George and Amal had doves,” Anika says, clearly dissatisfied.

“We’ll have more doves, more champagne, more everything,” Lucious tells her, as he begins to nuzzle her ear. Well the syrup-sweet moment is cut short when Cookie charges in, Porsha (Ta’Rhonda Jones) in tow, with a flaming accusation.

“She’s working with Beretti,” Cookie exclaims, blowing Lucious’ mind (and Anika’s cover). As we recall from the previous episode, Beretti is the owner of Empire’s rival label, and the man to whom Anika paid a secretive visit– only after removing her wedding ring.

‘Bye, Felicia’

Once the words have left Cookie’s mouth, Anika is, for once, speechless. She tries to explain but can’t even get a word out without stuttering.

“Oh now you can’t speak english?” Cookie asks. “And she paid Porsha to spy on me.”

“And I spied right back on your ass,” Porsha says. Um, can we just acknowledge how underrated Porsha is? Because she may be my new favorite character.

Cookie, of course, will always have the last word. “You know what? You about to break yourself,” she says. “Bye, Felicia!” she adds, before storming out. Porsha too!

Are you excited for the new episode of Empire? Do you think Anika is a traitor or is there more to her story?

— Casey Mink