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‘American Idol’ Recap: Quentin Alexander Steals Top 8 Boys Night

Wed, March 4, 2015 9:01pm EDT by 1 Comment

The competition is getting slimmer– and fiercer! On the Mar. 4 episode of ‘American Idol,’ the top eight boys took the stage, which means four dudes were sent packing! However, of those who remained, a few made it known why they were still there!

American Idol is truly in the hands of the people at this point. We’ve made it from 12 guys down to the top eight boys and the tensions are running seriously high. Adam Ezegelian and Nick Fradiani both managed to focus in and kill their performances, while the elimination of Trevor Douglas left us heartbroken! Check out a full recap!

Top 8 Boys

We start things off with a super special bonus: a performance by Aretha Franklin!

Take note contestants, that’s how it’s done. As far as the evening’s format, all 12 boys were sitting on stage, prepared to sing, but only eight would be called. So intense.

We start performances off with wonderboy Daniel Seavey, meaning he’s made it through! He sings Marvin Gaye‘s “How Sweet It Is.” He’s sounded better as the song kinda got away from him. However, he still can basically do no wrong. Keith Urban said he really liked it and loved to see him getting more and more relaxed. Jennifer Lopez agreed with me that the song was a bit too low, but still, he’s a favorite.

Next to make the top eight? Mark Andrew singing “Papa was a Rollin’ Stone.” Mark is so talented, you guys. Like Daniel, it wasn’t his best and his vocals were a little flat in this song that didn’t quite showcase his vocal abilities. JLo agreed saying, “something about the song wasn’t connecting with me.”

Here’s hoping things improve from here. Rayvon Owen sings the Idol standard “My Girl.” The song has been done to death on the show so I do wish he would’ve picked something a bit more unique, but his voice sounds like buttah (that’s butter). Harry Connick Jr. said it was nice, but he just “wanted to see more,” meaning less sunshine, more weight. Sometimes, the judges really can articulate their criticism. Go figure!

Making New Fans

Adam Ezegelian is next. If you guys have been reading my recaps this season, you know I am not a fan of Adam, but I must say, with his performance tonight of “I Want You Back,” I am seeing for the first time what some of America has been seening in him to get him this far. Now the question is, do the judges agree? Yes! “That was the perfect song for you,” Keith said. Okay, okay, maybe I’m gettin’ on board the Adam train? We’ll see what next week holds.

Clark Beckham gets the yes next. Have I mentioned how dreamy Clark is? I have? Many times? Oh okay. Cool. Well, singing “Tracks of my Tears,” I am in no way changing my mind on that. He sounds almost as good as he looks on the Motown classic. Almost. JLo loved the performance, but said he needs to learn to relax just a bit. She did add though, “I think you could go all the way.” I like the sound of that!

Next up, Nick Fradiani, singing “Signed, Sealed, Deliver.” He put a super unique spin on the song, adding his own accompaniment on guitar and I am feeling this arrangement. Harry sang his praises and even commented on Nick’s hundred watt smile. Couldn’t agree more. See you next week, Nick.

So. Much. Energy.

Qaasim Middleton is next to go through, singing Stevie Wonder‘s “I wish.” Per usual with Qaasim, the performance is as much about the physical showiness as it is about the vocals, which isn’t really my thing since I always think it’s a not so subtle way to distract from just okay singing. He still is doing his thing though, and it’s a solid performance. “I want you to show everyone how well you can sing, too,” JLo said, completely echoing my thoughts.

Now, for the last contestant to make it through. It’s tough because one person’s good news means bad news for the other four. And the last spot goes to… Quentin Alexander. He also sang Stevie Wonder, and the performance was incredible. He totally proved why he made it through opposed to the other guys. The judges all agreed. “My favorite part was how you settled into the groove of that and you put the groove into the lineup,” Harry said.

And with that last performance, sadly, we bid adieu to Michael Simeon, Riley Bria, Savion Wright and Trevor Douglas.

And that’s it for the boys! Tomorrow night the top eight girls take their turn.

Who was your favorite tonight? Who were you sad to see go home?

— Casey Mink