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‘The Following’: Mike Regrets Letting Max Go — ‘The Flame Still Burns’

Tue, March 3, 2015 12:27pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 1 Comment
The Following Spoilers Mike Max Tom
Courtesy of Fox

The season 3 premiere of ‘The Following’ answered many questions, but didn’t tell us what really happened between Max and Mike. So after waiting all season two for that kiss, how did Tom just swoop in? And is there hope? Well, Shawn Ashmore and Jessica Stroup say don’t give up just yet.

If we know anything about The Following, it’s that no one can ever just be happy (oh and that Joe Carroll’s never actually gone). The premiere showed just that — Max (Jessica Stroup) and Mike (Shawn Ashmore)’s romance was cut short, and she’s moved on to Tom (Gbenga Akinnagbe). We saw the awkward tension in the season premiere — and there’s a lot more of that to come.

‘The Following’ Spoilers: Inside The Mike, Max, Tom Love Triangle

“There were choices that Mike made that put a wedge between Max and Mike, and again, it has to do with his revenge,” Shawn told during a recent set visit. “That being said, the flame still runs. There’s still this magnet between them.”

So, does this mean that they could end up together? While “it was never going to be easy,” there are forces that draw them together and push them apart, Shawn said. One of those forces: Tom, Max’s new boyfriend who has to work alongside them both in the FBI.

“Mike has to deal with he repercussions of his actions. He sees them all day at work. It’s hard for him, but he made that decision,” Shawn added. “He’s not pouting about it, he knows why Max moved on. He regrets that he made that decision but it’s a constant struggle for him emotionally: Should he give up this thing to be with the person he loves? He finds it very difficult to think about it.”

Of course, for him, his primary goal is what split them up: finding and killing Mark (Sam Underwood), the man who killed his father.

Tom’s Secrets Will Shock Us

For those who are hoping for Max and Mike, I’ve got a feeling a reunion will happen eventually.

“There’s this underlying frustration I think the audience feels, because they wants them to be together, and theres this addition of Tom coming in and pulling them apart,” Jessica Stroup told us on set. “I know as the season goes on it’s just going to make people want Max and Mike together even more!”

However, it could be Tom himself who surprises Max.

“Tom’s a great addition, though. You think you know everything about him, and then he’s just gonna present some not great things to the table later on,” Jessica teased. Well, it sounds like there will be tension — but at the end, love wins right?

“I think Mike loves Max, there’s no doubt about that,” Shawn chimed in.”But how do you make that relationship work?”

Well we can’t wait to see!

— Emily Longeretta