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‘Pretty Little Liars’: Andrew & Aria May Just Be The New It Couple

Tue, March 3, 2015 11:25am EDT by 3 Comments
ABC Family

Uh oh, Ezria fans! Trouble might be ahead for the longtime couple on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and it goes by the name of Andrew. Is Aria’s study/make out buddy here to stay?

On the Feb. 24 episode of Pretty Little Liars, a steamy kiss between Aria (Lucy Hale) and Andrew (Brandon Jones) infuriated many fans of the series, whose central couple has always been Aria and Ezra (Ian Harding). But is Andrew really going to spell the end for Ezria? And, more importantly, is it actually possible that Andrew could be “A?”

‘PLL’: Aria & Andrew’s Future?

It was the kiss heard around the world.

Well, around the PLL world, anyway. After coming to Aria’s rescue, Andrew went in for the big kiss with his “study” buddy, and a collective “nooo” could be heard from audiences everywhere. So, what does Brandon himself think about his character tearing apart one of the greatest TV couples of all time (okay, we know that is a highly debatable label, but just let it be)?

“I can say that Andrew and Aria’s relationship does slowly grow in the wake of her breakup with Ezra,” Brandon told our sister site TV Line. “You never know, if Aria and Andrew’s relationship blossoms, maybe it will become one of those couples that people love to tweet about.”

Could Andrew Be ‘A?’

Okay, so we can’t be sure if Andrew and Aria (Andria? Ardrew?) are long for this world. But what about those theories that Andrew might actually be “A?”

“He does seem to show up at the right places at the right time, doesn’t he?” Brandon said. “I’ve actually gotten a lot of tweets about Andrew’s name starting with “A,” but you know what? Aria’s does, too! At one point or another, everyone has been suspected of being “A” on the show. For now, what you see is what you get with Andrew.”

Well, likely story Brandon, but we’ve definitely got our eye on you.

What do you think of Aria and Andrew? And do you suspect that Andrew might be “A?”

— Casey Mink