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Jon Stewart Kicks WWE’s Seth Rollins In The Crotch — Watch

Tue, March 3, 2015 1:39pm EDT by Add first Comment

OUCH!  Jon Stewart paid a visit to WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’ to confront WWE Superstar Seth Rollins. After things got physical, Jon ended up kicking Seth right where it counts! See if you can watch the video without wincing.

Jon Stewart, 52, and Seth Rollins, 28, come face-to-face and, eventually, foot-to-crotch in a confrontation on the Mar.2 episode of WWE’s Monday Night Raw. What started off as a war of the words between the WWE Superstar and The Daily Show host resulted in a very painful kick that left Seth rolling on the mat.

Jon Stewart Kicks Seth Rollins Right In The Crotch On WWE ‘Raw’

Jon decided to finally settle things between him and Seth on an episode of Raw. This unlikely feud all started a few weeks ago when Seth, feeling arrogant, bragged that he “could take over as the host of the The Daily Show for Jon Stewart and make that thing actually watchable.”

Burn! Jon, a long-time WWE fan, didn’t take kindly to Seth’s tough talk and responded online, where a social-media smackdown broke out between the two. Things then got real when Seth crashed the Feb. 26 taping of The Daily Show, challenging Jon to show up at the following week’s episode of Raw.

Jon accepted and confronted Seth in the middle of the ring. During a heated exchange of insults, Jon called Seth a “SWAT team stripper with Lady Gaga Hair.” And it was on! Seth had enough and was about to deliver a beat down but, as you’ll see, things didn’t turn out in Seth’s favor:

Yikes! You know that’s got to hurt!

Seth Rollins Nude Photos Posted Online By Ex-Fiancee

It’s been a rough month for Seth. If getting kicked in the crotch by Jon wasn’t painful enough, to add insult to injury, that might be the closest anyone has gotten there recently.

Weeks ago, Seth got caught up in a nude photo scandal that ended his then-engagement. After a naked picture of WWE Development Diva, Zahra Schreiber, showed up on all of Seth’s social media accounts, his then-fiancée, Leighla Schultz, responded to this discovery of his cheating ways by posting a pair of nude pics of Seth himself! Since then, Leighla’s facebook status has been set to SINGLE.

Once again, Seth is left with a painful feeling in his crotch. What do you think hurt more, Hollywood Lifers: Jon’s swift kick or Seth’s ex-fiancée leaking his nudes?

— Jason Brow