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‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Rick & The Group Try Settling In At Alexandria

Sun, March 1, 2015 10:28pm EDT by Lauren Cox 1 Comment

The survivors on ‘The Walking Dead’ finally found somewhere safe to stay, but is Alexandria really all it’s cracked up to be?

On the March 1 episode of The Walking Dead, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the rest of the group “audition” to get into Alexandria and succeed. While Rick and Carol (Melissa McBride) try fitting in just to get a feel of the place, Daryl (Norman Reedus) remains skeptical to the point where he won’t even allow himself to shower. So, will Alexandria work out or does it have doom written all over it?

‘The Walking Dead’: Rick Joins Alexandria

It’s official: the gates of Alexandria have opened for Rick and the group. Once they’re inside, the gates quickly close behind them.

One particularly funny moment happens when a possum knocks over a trash can and startles the group, especially Daryl, who shoots it with an arrow. He picks it up by it’s tail just as someone new appears in front of them, and he presents it by saying, “We brought dinner.” Ha!

The new guy asks them to hand over their weapons, but, of course, they all refuse. Thankfully Aaron is there to help buffer the group and the Alexandrian, who seems a little skeptical of them the instant he lays eyes on them. Aaron tells them it’s okay to keep their weapons, and that once they meet with Deanna all of their questions will be answered.

Rick meets with Deanna first inside her home, which is exceptionally nice for the apocalypse. Deanna asks if she can film their interview, and Rick could care less what she does. He trusts no one, not even after deciding to go inside those walls.

It turns out that Deanna was a congresswoman, and now she’s leading Alexandria. She’s never experienced the hard life outside of the walls, and Rick has a hard time comprehending this. He even tells her she should be keeping her gates closed, because everyone outside of them is too scared and too concerned about survival to care about building a safe environment.

Deanna seems compassionate, not very concerned, and maybe a little too trustworthy. But there is a warmth about her, isn’t there? Something the governor didn’t have.

She leaves the decision up to Rick on whether or not he wants in. When Deanna tells him exactly what time it is thanks to the working wristwatch she is wearing, he’s fascinated. Rick takes a moment to correct the time on his own watch, and then finally tells Deanna what she’s been prying for: he was a sheriff, once. It feels like a lifetime ago though, doesn’t it?

Rick Decides To Give Alexandria A Shot

Rick must have decided he wanted in, because the next thing we see is the group handing over all of their weapons and guns. Deanna tells them they can check out any time they like, but that they store them for safety. Some people don’t seem happy about this — ahem, Abraham — but some, like Carol, seem thrilled. When’s the last time we saw Carol smile?

Aaron brings Rick and Carl to their homes, and he gives them two. It’s unclear whether or not they will be shared by the whole group, but for now Carl and Rick get to inspect their new homes alone. The first thing Rick does? Shower and shave. He looks like a brand new, almost unrecognizable person.

The lady fans of The Walking Dead get a real treat when Rick saunters through the house shirtless to answer the door. A nice, clean, blonde lady named Jessie is at the door with a basket full of supplies for them. When he mentions that he was cleaning up, she tells him she used to be a hair stylist and offers to cut his hair. For whatever reason, he decides to accept the offer.

Even though they were given two homes, Rick decides he wants everyone to sleep in the same house their first night. Even though he seems to be warming up to showers, hair cuts, and hot neighbor ladies, he’s still not ready to split up the group.

While Rick is being paranoid, Carl is touring the second home next door. Once upstairs he finds a closed door, and is immediately paranoid. Yes, he is definitely Rick’s son. Carl pulls out his knife before opening the door only to find what looks to be a hangout for a young boy about his age. There are CD’s, comic books, posters, and more laying around and Carl is instantly pretty excited to rummage through it all. Sometimes we forget he’s still just a boy, don’t we?

Later that night everyone is camped out in Rick’s living room, and you can see that they are all cleaned up now. They don’t look very thrilled to be where they are, but even Rick and Carl opt out sleeping in beds to stay with the group.

Just before they call it a night, Deanna stops by to see how everyone is adjusting. She’s surprised to find the entire group huddled up in the living room, but then she tells them that it’s smart of them to do so in a strange place. Then, Rick asks her why she gave everyone a job but him.

Apparently Deanna has a job picked out for him, and Michonne, and she’s got some ideas for Sasha, but has yet to tell them what they are. It’s probably safe to assume Rick will be doing security, or policing, or something in that genre of work.

Rick & Michonne Don’t Feel Safe Yet

As the episode goes on, we see more glimpses from everyone’s “auditon” with Deanna to get into Alexandria. Daryl refuses to sit and paces back and forth while rummaging through Deanna’s things, and Michonne, calm and collected, tells her they are ready to be in a place like this.

Rick decides to go for a walk after Carl takes Judith on one, and then he somehow loses sight of them. He panics and runs around, knocking something over on the way, and then finds Jessie. When he asks her if she’s seen Carl and Judith, she takes him to her neighbor’s house — a pair of old people. She explains that it’s been a long time since anyone’s seen a baby, and so Judith is going to be a neighborhood celebrity.

Once Rick calms down, Jessie asks him if Carl can come over and meet her son. He obliges, and Carl gets a tour of their house where Jessie’s son explains how school works in Alexandria. Then he introduces him to two of his friends who are in his room hanging out, with the other young boy playing video games while the girl reads on the bed. Jessie’s son explains that the girl is also from outside, and that it took three weeks for her to say one word to them. Carl is intrigued by the girl, which isn’t surprising because when’s the last time he saw a girl?

Later Rick comes into Carl’s room and asks him how his day with the kids were, and Carl tells him he thinks the people in Alexandria are weak. He doesn’t want to become weak, too.

Once it’s night time again and everyone is sleeping, Michonne and Rick are standing in a dark room looking out of the window together. Michonne tells Rick she has a good feeling about Alexandria, but he points out that if that were true they wouldn’t both be awake right now. So, Rick decides to go for a walk.

While out on his walk a man smoking on a porch says, “You’re Rick.” Rick stops and says yes, and then the man reveals himself to be Jessie’s husband. He doesn’t seem very friendly, or welcoming, and Rick continues on his walk without any more pleasantries.

Carol Wants To Keep Up Appearances

In more video auditions, we see Carol talking about her life before the apocalypse. She mentions cooking dinner for her husband and being a real people person, and it seems a little fake. Moments later we see her telling Daryl they have to keep up appearances, and now her attitude towards Alexandria makes more sense.

However, Carl stupidly follows her — and quickly loses sight of her once in the woods.

Rick goes on yet another walk and for whatever reason finds himself walking along the outside of Alexandria’s safety wall. Back home, Carl spots the young girl he met the day before climbing over the wall and into the woods. Jessie’s son mentioned that the girl had also come from “outside,” and it’s clear she hasn’t been able to let that go just yet.

Tara, Glenn, and Noah head to their first day of “work,” and we find out Deanna assigned them to doing supply runs with her son, Aiden, and Nicholas, the man who opened the gate when they first arrived. Our survivors seem skeptical of the two, mostly because they are pretty cocky about their trips outside of Alexandria. It’s clear they haven’t encountered half of the insanity that the survivors have.

It turns out that Rick had a mission in mind: finding the gun he left behind before they entered Alexandria. When he gets there and opens the blender he hid the gun in, it’s gone. No one would have looked inside that blender for anything, so how did someone know they could find a gun there? Not cool.

He can’t dwell on it too long though because Carl appears, and a moment later a handful of walkers are headed towards them. Thankfully they both have knives handy, and they take out the walkers like it’s just another day outside of Alexandria — even when they should be inside.

Deanna’s Son Is An Idiot

Back to Glenn, Tara, and Noah, they are getting a lecture from Aiden about how they all need to listen to every word he says because he’s the boss. Blah, blah, blah.

Apparently, Aiden and Nicholas lost some people on a supply run, and how they thought chaining up a walker was a good idea for torture tactics. Obviously, they were very, very wrong and they learn that really quickly when they find out the last walker they chained up has gone missing.

Nicholas whistles a little too loudly and Glenn, Tara, and Noah all freak out and tell him not to do that because it will make the walkers come running. But for whatever reason, Nicholas and Aiden are hell bent on capturing this walker and torturing it, so they keep making noise.

When it returns, Glenn, Tara, and Noah all take out their weapons and prepare to take the walker out, but Aiden and Nicholas yell at them not to. However, neither one of them can control the walker, and things quickly spin out of control until Tara somehow gets involved and rips off the walker’s skin — yes, really .Gross! SO GROSS.

Finally, Glenn comes over and stabs the walker in the head before it bites Tara and kills her. Aiden and Nicholas freak out, and then demand that they all return to Alexandria because they need to find new jobs. It’s actually hilarious to hear Aiden tell Glenn that he’s not the kind of person who should be doing supply runs, when these two idiots have no idea what they are up against out there.

As the group enters back into Alexandria, a huge argument breaks out between our survivors and the Alexandrians. As neighbors we haven’t met yet watch nearby, Glenn and Aiden get into it just in time for Rick and Carl to return from the woods. Daryl, being the dedicated pit bull that he is, comes running at the sound of the fight, and when things get physical Rick finds himself prying Daryl off of Nicholas before he strangles him to death. Yikes.

Once the fight subsides and Deanna tells everyone to go put away their weapons, she finally tells Rick what job she has for him: constable. In fact, she wants both him and Michonne to be constables for Alexandria. They accept without hesitation.

Rick Reveals His Plans For Alexandria

That night back at the house Rick tries on a sheriff-esque uniform, which leaves all of the survivors in awe once they see him in it. It’s clear he not only accepted the job, but he is pretty happy to be back in familiar clothes.

Rick heads outside to talk to Daryl, and Carol follows after them to discuss whether or not they are staying. Not only does Rick want them to stay, but he wants everyone to split up and start settling into the second house now, too. Carol is concerned that settling will make them weak, but Rick doesn’t believe that.

Not only does he think they are too strong to be weakened by the community, but tells both Carol and Daryl that if it doesn’t work out they will just take Alexandria for themselves. Whoa!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do you think Alexandria is going to work out, or will Rick and the group end up taking it from everyone? Comment below!

— Lauren Cox