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‘Project Almanac’ A Must-See? Review Roundup

Sat, January 31, 2015 12:24pm EDT by Add first Comment
Project Almanac Movie Reviews
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There’s tons of promising action in the sci-fi action flick ‘Project Almanac’, but does it live up to its potential? has rounded up the reviews from top critics about whether the film is a hit or miss!

Of course, time machines always make for an interesting plot device. In Project Almanac, when a group of teenagers discover secret plans of a time machine, things go awry. With a little horror, action and adventure along the way, is the new flick worth watching, or would you want to get in a time machine and forget you saw it? Here’s our review roundup!

‘Project Almanac’ Movie Reviews: Must See Or Must Skip?

Though critics seem to have some differing opinions, the overall consensus is that you might want to spare the trip to the theater. But if you can stomach the handheld cameras and teenage adventure, this might just be your movie!

USA Today

What was once fresh and innovative now is tired and overdone. In this case, paranormal activities entail time travel rather than ghosts. Lest that sound vaguely intriguing, it’s not. The time jumps are never more than a few weeks back and involve nothing historically significant. Leave it to high schoolers to use time-travel to attend Lollapalooza or improve their test scores rather than do something more substantial.

New York Magazine/Vulture

The visual wrinkle in Project Almanac is that it’s shot with one or two video cameras wielded by the characters, which struck me as dumb (as well as nausea-inducing) at the start but proves to be a cool device for our heroes to look at what they’ve just done and go back and do it differently. (Once something’s on video, it evidently can’t be altered the way the rest of reality can, which could be a metaphor for something.) But on the whole, this is a good B-movie that hits it modest marks.

The Inquirer

The premise, which initially has a certain interior logic, grows implausible and then nonsensical. The problem with this tech fantasy is that you can clearly see where it’s headed a half-hour before it arrives. So when the ending does come, you’re left with your own sense of deja vu. Heavy!

Toronto Star

Initially, it appears this frenetically filmed teen time-travel drama could be a better-than-average adventure. But bizarre camerawork and that laziest of all plot devices, the stash of found footage, soon slots it in the “unrealized potential” category.


Ultimately, viewers who are looking for a fun (and at times funny) sci-fi story, should find plenty to enjoy in Israelite’s latest effort. Hardcore fans of thought-provoking time travel stories might be underwhelmed by the lack of fresh science fiction in Israelite’s project but, to his credit, the director still explores some pretty heady ideas – especially in a film aimed at the casual (young adult) movie market. To that end, even though Project Almanac does not reinvent the found footage format, the movie still manages to tell a gripping (and stylish) time travel story.

HollywoodLifers, now that you’ve read the reviews, will you be seeing Project Almanac? Let us know!

— Julianne Ishler