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Big Sean Releases Sexy New Music Video For ‘B-Boy’ — Watch

Fri, January 30, 2015 2:31pm EDT by 1 Comment

Big Sean’s flow sounds better than ever in this hot new song ‘B-Boy’ by Meek Mill. Watch the just-released video and see the lyrics right here!

It’s an awesome day for Big Sean fans! First the rapper dropped jaws by rhyming about girlfriend Ariana Grande‘s private parts in a sexy new song called “Blessings”, and now he’s back for more in Meek Mill‘s new video for “B-Boy.” Check it out!

Big Sean In ‘B-Boy’ Video By Meek Mill — Rappers Release Sexy New Song

Sean, 26, is a force to be reckoned with on Meek Mill’s new track. He seems to be getting better with every song and we can’t get enough of his verse! Although he seems to be rapping about random hookups in “B-Boy”, we’re sure it’s just for show since we know he only has eyes for one woman — Ariana! Check out the full lyrics to Big Sean’s verse below:

[Verse 2: Big Sean]

Okay, I walk with a limp and I talk with a slur
I might wear every single chain and mix it up with my fur
I might get every single drink and mix it up til I blur
I tell the b*tch get on my lap, but don’t you get on my nerves
I need that bag full of green like I lawnmow it
John Doe and all Sean Doe it
And I keep it G, yeah, I ground floor it
And I’m pound blowin’
If her pu**y good then I might one, two, three, round four it
Got her down for it
Yeah, ni**a overthink, never under stress
Yeah, I understand, your girl over, I’m so unimpressed
Yeah, and she tryna f*ck me raw, unprotect
But if I don’t have that rubber on it I feel under dressed
Yeah, and I got money bags under my eyes, ho, cause I ain’t sleep
They all Goyard too cause I ain’t cheap
Finally Famous, Aura Gold is my I-N-C
And I put everything in motion like I-N-G
And when we flyin’ private you could bring the gun on with us
I got this freak to 3rd base, she tryna run home with us
And I got comma on comma on comma on comma… on comma
And I ain’t talking about no run on sentence
Yeah, ni**a hot headed so I need that Chings Chili
Put my P up on her head like that b*tch is reppin’ Philly
And I wheelie in that pu**y like my ni**a Meek Milly
On my way to meet millis
Lawyer drafting up the deep deep dealies
I got rich decided that ain’t rich enough
When I did it big, b*tch, I decided that ain’t big enough
Dead Pres, who you diggin up?
Who that ni**a that you hating on, but just can’t get enough?
F*ck, the jig is up, little b*tch

Big Sean’s ‘Blessings’: His Racy Lyrics About Ariana Grande’s Private Parts

Sean gets a little more, umm, personal in his new song “Blessings.” After taking a shot at his ex-fiancee, Naya Rivera, 28, the rapper seems to give Ariana’s vagina a shoutout with the line, “Man, the click is the tightest, the p**sy’s the tightest.”

Hopefully she’ll take it as a compliment?

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — do YOU like Big Sean’s new video “B-Boy”?

— Tierney McAfee