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‘Everly’ Trailer: Salma Hayek Strips To Underwear As A Gun-Toting Assassin

Tue, January 27, 2015 2:24pm EDT by 2 Comments

That’s what you call ‘packing heat.’ In the just released trailer for ‘Everly’ Salma Hayek isn’t going down without a fight– but possibly without pants. Check out the butt-kicking sneak peek inside!

Okay, this is ridiculous. Salma Hayek is 48 years old and in the extended trailer for her upcoming film Everly, she spends a good portion of the time in her undies– and she looks amazing. Like, we’re talking JLo amazing, you guys. It’s an immediate must watch!

‘Everly’ Trailer: Salma Hayak Strips To Underwear

“You will die in that room tonight,” a voice on the other end of a phone call to Everly (Salma) says.

In her new film, aptly titled Everly, Salma plays a former prostitute who, after portraying a former mob boss (who is also her ex), gets trapped inside her home when he threatens to kill her.

He– and his army of assassins– seem to be no match for Salma, though!

That would be reason enough to check out the action flick, but the fact that the star’s rockin bod is center stage for most of the film makes it all the more interesting. And, just to reiterate once more, she is 48 years old.

‘I Barely Wear Anything’

Because of the role’s physical demands, Salma actually had to partake in some serious training. She told The Daily Mail, “It might not seem like shooting those guns is physical, but it was,” she said. “They were heavy!”

Salma also remarked upon just how scantily clad she remains throughout the majority of the film. “I barely wear anything throughout the whole film,” she said.

Honestly, if I looked like that, neither would I!

Everly will hit theaters on Feb. 27.

What do you guys think of the Everly trailer? Are you exited for the upcoming film?

— Casey Mink