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‘Sons Of Liberty’ Review Roundup: A Hit Or Historic Bore?

Mon, January 26, 2015 9:50am EDT by 25 Comments
History Channel

In History Channel’s new miniseries ‘Sons of Liberty,’ we travel back in time to witness a radical few men band together to form what would become the colonies. So, was the first night of the six-hour series as intriguing as the events themselves? See what the critics had to say!

Despite its crucial content–the formation of the United States– critics were divided as to whether the first of the three-night Sons of Liberty event was as interesting as the actual content of the miniseries. While some are praising its importance and entertainment worth, others have rendered it dull or too inaccurate. Check out some of the reviews to see if you should tune into the remaining episodes!

‘Sons Of Liberty’ Reviews: Is The Miniseries A Must Watch?

In case you weren’t aware, it’s winter out there which probably means you’re spending more time than usual inside. So, is the History Channel’s Revolutionary War miniseries worth spending your indoor hours upon?

TV Line

The opening installment of the cable channel’s scripted miniseries, which premiered Sunday and continues through Tuesday, covers one of the most exciting epochs in American history: the years right before the colonies turned against British rule and decided to go to war for independence.

It was a time of great unrest, violence and intrigue… so why does Sons of Liberty‘s first few hours feel so slow?

The New York Times

There is no shame in not knowing why Boston boasts a beer called “Samuel Adams,” or why it’s the New England Patriots, not the New England Panthers or the New England Pistols.

But there probably should be some. And that makes “Sons of Liberty,” a History mini-series that begins Sunday, useful as well as entertaining.

Los Angeles Times

Seven years ago, the History Channel became just plain History, a single-word name being perceived, one supposes, as hipper, more youthful, like Common or Fergie.

If the network executives were as interested in accuracy as hipness, they would have changed the name to the Dramatic Interpretation of History Channel. Or maybe just Assassin’s Creed, though I suppose there would be copyright issues.

A.V. Club

Sons Of Liberty plays out more like an action movie than a historical drama, which is exactly what History is trying to do with its newest miniseries event. Following the massive success of Hatfields & McCoys, the network has taken more stories of legend and heroism (depending on the side you’re rooting for), and brought them to life with violence and enough sex to satisfy a crowd that normally eschews History’s documentary traditions.


It gets better and slightly deeper as it goes along, but never to such an extent that you wouldn’t rather be re-watching HBO’s John Adams, or maybe 1776.

So, HollywoodLifers, now it’s your turn. Did you watch the first installment of Sons of Liberty? Do you plan to watch anymore? Let us know!

— Casey Mink