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‘Eye Candy’ Recap: Your Flaws Can Kill You

Mon, January 26, 2015 11:01pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 4 Comments
Eye Candy Reece Dead
Courtesy of MTV

Lindy’s friends are dropping like flies, but she’s not giving up — in fact, she’s just digging further. In the Jan. 26 episode, a new suspect comes into focus: and it’s someone you’d never expect.

Now that Lindy (Victoria Justice) and Tommy (Casey Deidrick) can rule our Reece as a suspect, all signs point to Jake. That is until the Lindy receives a suspicious package in the mail — could this stalker have been following her for much longer than she thought?

‘Eye Candy’ — What Nice Teeth You Have

Lindy’s starting to blame herself with all the recent killings — especially after seeing a ton of teeth hanging in Reece (Nils Lawton)’s apartment. Except they weren’t his. The teeth belonged to Juliette, a girl on Flirtual whose mother reached out to Lindy to try and help find her missing daughter. The strange thing was that the mother claimed she had filed a police report — but there was none in the system.

Meanwhile, Lindy received something in the mail — a photo of her sister and herself. The faces were taken from the last photo that they took together. But, the rest of the components of the picture were pieces of crime scene photos put together — all people who were murdered, all of which were on Flirtual.

Additionally, Lindy’s sister’s bracelet was missing in the photo that had been made. Of course, the police pointed this out, pushing Lindy to relive a fight she got in with her sister after buying her a bracelet, which she later lost.

Could Conner Be The Killer?

But back to the photos. The strange is that we know Conner has photos of the crime scenes, since he took photos of the photos, while at the police department. So, it wasn’t much of a surprise when he ended up writing a gossip story for work, exposing the whole case and putting everyone’s life at risk. Luckily, that led to Lindy beating him up at a boxing class. Gotta love the girl power there.

The background of the created photo was also different — it was the static on the TV from Reece’s house. So, without the police, Lindy headed over there and used her master decoding skills to see the pattern on his DVR — which created an acronym for “perficio,” which means he wants perfection and in the literal terms, it means “to finish” or “to bring to an end.”

“When people lied about their flaws, he killed them,” Lindy told the police.

Surprise, HBTU

After leaving, Lindy headed home with Tommy of course, and was shocked to see that Sophia and co. had thrown her a surprise birthday party — oh, and Jake was invited. The police could no longer track his phone either, since he found the spyware Lindy put in and actually went to the police. (That’s my sign that it’s not him.)

Unfortunately, Tommy decided to leave and come back to the party, but when he returned, he was too late. Lindy had passed out and was actually missing. When she woke up, she was in an ally. And there, she was a witness to the killer, slitting Reece’s throat. In his hand was a wrapped box for Lindy: her sister’s missing bracelet.

I have to shout out to a pretty perfect scene between Lindy and Tommy, where she wonders what will happen with the killer goes after her flaws. Tommy’s answer: “What if he doesn’t see any?”

What did you think of the episode, HollywoodLifers? Do you think Conner’s the killer? Jake? Tommy? Let us now!

— Emily Longeretta