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President Obama & GloZell’s YouTube Interview: Top 5 Nuttiest Moments

Fri, January 23, 2015 9:49am EDT by Lauren Cox Add first Comment

Believe it or not, GloZell, a YouTube star best known for sitting in a bathtub eating Froot Loops, just interviewed the President of the United States — and, even while tackling topics of race and cyber security, she kept us laughing. Click inside to WATCH!

GloZell, 52, best known for her wild YouTube antics and green lipstick, accidentally called Michelle Obama the President’s “first wife” during her live interview with Barack Obama, 53. Surprisingly though, her interview touched on some of today’s most important topics — but that doesn’t mean her personality didn’t shine through, making for some very funny moments!

Barack Obama & GloZell’s Hilarious YouTube Interview

Okay, be honest… how jealous are you of GloZell’s big moment with POTUS?

On Thursday night, Jan. 22, the YouTube comedienne sat down one-on-one with Barack inside the White House, and, though many expected her to ask silly questions, GloZell really brought her A-game and asked all about some major topics.

While discussing the Sony hack and strengthening cyber security, as well as racial profiling by police, and the new foreign policies with Cuba, GloZell definitely let her fun personality shine through which gave us a few hilarious moments to remember.

You can watch her interview with Mr. President above, and as an FYI it starts around the 15:50 mark of the video.

1.) GloZell Wore Green Glittery Lipstick

Okay, to be fair, she wears green lipstick all of the time. It’s kind of her thing. But to interview the President of the United States? Really? Thankfully for GloZell, she totally rocked it — and Obama didn’t even seem bothered by it.

2.) GloZell Dismisses Obama’s Handshake, Goes For A Hug Instead

What do you do when you’re a hugger and the President is a handshaker? You risk your life against the secret service and go in for the hug anyway! That’s exactly what GloZell did at the start of her interview, and, thankfully, Obama didn’t hesitate to pull her in for a tight one. So sweet!

3.) GloZell Asks Obama About The ‘Po-Po’

After joking that she cut all of the hoodies off of her husband’s hoodies, which made the President laugh, GloZell said she’s not worried about other people, she’s worried about the “po-po’s.” For those of you who don’t know, that’s a slang nickname for “police” — and Obama answered her question without a hitch. How many times do you think someone has said the word “po-po” to the President though? Ha!

4.) GloZell Calls Raul Castro A Dick

Yes, this totally happened. GloZell asked Obama about his new policy with Cuba, and how it was possible to work with the Castros. In order to help make her point, GloZell said, “The guy puts ‘dick’ in ‘dictatorship.'” Whoops! Surprisingly, Obama cracked up at her comment, although he didn’t add to the joke at all.

5.) GloZell Calls Michelle Obama’s ‘First Wife’ 

In what was definitely her biggest oops, GloZell delivered some unfortunate news to Obama when her interview was over: Michelle is only his first wife! It was actually a total accident that occurred while GloZell was giving Obama a gift for Michelle and their two daughters, Malia and Sasha — her signature green lipstick. When GloZell said it was for his “first wife,” Obama was quick to reply, “Do you know something I don’t?” Thankfully he laughed it off, but you could tell that poor GloZell was mortified that she slipped up. It sure was funny to watch though!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — What did YOU think of GloZell’s interview with the President? What do YOU think was the funniest moment? Comment below with your thoughts!

— Lauren Cox