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‘Real World: Skeletons’ Sneak Peek: Tony’s Ex Crosses A Line – Watch

Tue, January 20, 2015 1:37pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 2 Comments
Real World Skeletons Tony's Ex
Courtesy of MTV

The claws are out! It’s no surprise that the ‘Real World: Skeletons’ housemates aren’t too happy that newbies are coming in — and when Tom’s ex arrives and causes drama with Madison, Sylvia isn’t having it. Watch this exclusive sneak peek!

How do you get someone to leave the Real World house? Throw all their stuff off the balcony, obviously. That’s how it works in Sylvia‘s eyes! When Tony’s ex, Elizabeth, comes to visit and gives Madison an attitude, Sylvia’s protective genes come out — and then Elizabeth says something that makes the whole house extremely angry.

‘Real World: Skeletons’: Tony’s Ex Brings The Drama

After Madison went out of her way to be nice to Tony’s ex — who arrived the day after they slept together — “Princess Elizabeth” was still rude to her. That of course, was not okay with Sylvia, who plays big sister.

“You want to act like a bi-ch to everybody? Everybody will act like a bitch right back,” Sylvia says while getting in Elizabeth’s face. “You talk sh-t to Madison? Madison? The nicest broad in the house? You’re not gonna talk sh-t to her!”

Meanwhile, Tony’s just hanging out outside!

“Tony, pack her sh-t or I will pack it for her. Get her the f-ck out,” Sylvia yelled. Of course, Elizabeth’s response just created more drama — with others in the house, too. “If anyone wanted an acting career out of this, than being in front of production will get you somewhere.”

This makes both Bruno and Jason extremely angry, since she’s pretty much calling them fake. Not to worry though, Sylvia just decides to take all of Elizabeth’s stuff and throw it over the balcony while she sits and bed and cries. Lesson here: don’t be mean to Madison!

Do you think Sylvia overreacted? Let me know, HollywoodLifers!

Watch: Sylvia Flips Out On Elizabeth

— Emily Longeretta