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‘Unfriended’ Trailer: Social Media Threatens Lives In New Horror Film

Wed, January 14, 2015 9:50am EDT by Add first Comment

An official trailer has just been released for the upcoming cyber thriller ‘Unfriended’ and it might cause you to think twice before posting that photo online. You’ve got to watch the terrifying sneak peek but be warned, you may never think of the internet the same way again!

By now, we’ve all learned that there are consequences for what we put online, but in the upcoming film Unfriended, that concept is taken to an entirely new level. In this just released extended trailer, we see the worst case scenario of what might happen if we press post before we think and– spoiler!– it’s absolutely horrifying. Check it out now!

‘Unfriended’ Trailer

At this point, you may have made the mistake of sharing something on the internet that you’ve later regretted. If not, you’ve almost definitely seen someone else do so. But surely, your social media mistakes are nothing compared to the ones that are seen in Unfriended

In the trailer for the upcoming film, we see a group of teenagers pay the price for posting a humiliating video of one of their peers online, which ultimately leads her to kill herself. While video chatting exactly one year later, the victim of the friends’ internet shaming has returned and she is not happy.

To put it lightly, she isn’t going to let her bullies off easy.

‘A New Era Of Horror’

According to Universal, who is releasing the film, it is going to be groundbreaking in its horror tactics. Per the studio, Unfriended is ushering in a new era of horror as events unfold over a teenager’s computer screen while she and her friends are stalked by an unseen figure who seeks vengeance for a shaming video.

So freakin’ scary!

What do you guys thinks of the trailer? Are you going to see Unfriended?

— Casey Mink