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‘Empire’ Sneak Peek: Lucious Tries To Manhandle Cookie – Watch

Wed, January 14, 2015 11:11am EDT by 2 Comments

Things are getting rough on ‘Empire.’ In the show’s second episode, airing on Jan. 14, Cookie and Lucious are still not seeing eye to eye, and in a moment of intensity, things get physical. Watch a sneak peek of the new episode right now!

In the second episode of the new show Empire, which is titled “The Outspoken King,” the FOX series continues to keep us on the edge of our seats. In a sneak peek for the upcoming installment, we see why exactly tensions are so high on the hip hop-themed drama. Check out the clip inside!

‘Empire’ Sneak Peek: Lucious Gets Rough With Cookie

Didn’t Lucious’ father teach him to never hit a woman? Okay, in this clip, Lucious (Terrence Howard) doesn’t quite go so far as to hit Cookie (Taraji p. Henson), but he definitely comes close! 

During a heated discussion over breakfast, Cookie is attempting to convince Lucious to let their son Jamal perform at the opening of his club Leviticus. Lucious, however, won’t let Jamal perform because Jamal is gay and Lucious doesn’t want to have Leviticus “branded a homosexual club.” Say what?

The drama doesn’t stop there, though. When Lucious wants Cookie to get up from the table and speak with him somewhere else, she doesn’t immediately oblige. So what does Lucious do? He grabs her arm and forces her to get up!

“Get your hands off of me,” she orders him which, thankfully, he does.

If you missed the first episode of Fox’s new series, don’t worry– we’ve got the scoop. The show is about the head of a music empire, Lucious, whose three sons are vying to take over his throne while dealing with the influence of their mother, who is also his ex-wife.

Are you watching Empire? What do you think of the sneak peek?

— Casey Mink