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Macklemore Remixes ‘Thrift Shop’ For ‘Sesame Street’ – Watch Parody

Tue, January 13, 2015 12:19pm EDT by Add first Comment

This is ‘grouch-ing’ awesome! Macklemore recently dropped by ‘Sesame Street’ to hang with one of our favorite dumpster divers, Oscar The Grouch, and the two created a hilarious remix to the rapper’s hit ‘Thrift Shop.’ Check it out!

Well, this is a duo we didn’t exactly expect– and yet, we’re totally on board! Macklemore has teamed up with Oscar The Grouch, who is known more for his grumpiness than rap skills, to parody Macklemore’s smash song “Thrift Shop.” You’ve got to see the hilarious video–watch it inside now!

Macklemore On ‘Sesame Street’: ‘Thrift Shop’ Remix

Macklemore duetting with a muppet? That’s something we didn’t expect to see in 2015. The rapper recently dropped by beloved children’s program Sesame Street to perform an adorable parody video of his 2012 mega hit “Thrift Shop.”

Although it isn’t the most obvious pairing, the song is actually totally appropriate for Mr. Grouch. After all, it’s about finding treasures amongst other peoples’ trash and Oscar spends his entire life living in a garbage can!

The ‘Sesame Street’ Treatment

When it was released in 2012, “Thrift Shop” quickly became a major hit and helped to make Macklemore one of today’s popular artists.

The song is about exactly what you think– thrift shops– so it lends itself perfectly to a Sesame Street parody. Below are some of the lyric changes that were made for the spoof. We dare you not to LOL!

“I’m gonna pop some trash, only got seven bags in my trashcan.”

“They had a broken scooter, I bought a broken scooter. I bought a dented sax and a banged up computer.”

“One grouch’s trash, that’s another grouch’s outfit.”

“I wear my grouchy clothes, I look deplorable.”

Seriously so funny! What do you guys think of the parody song? Tell us!

— Casey Mink