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Maggie Grace Shares Audio Of Liam Neeson Prank Calling Her Ex – Watch

Fri, January 9, 2015 12:59pm EDT by Add first Comment
Getty/Courtesy of TV Guide

If Liam Neeson’s ‘Taken’ voice is on the other line of your phone, you’re probably in trouble. Maggie Grace, one of the stars of ‘Taken 3’, shared a hilarious prank call that her onscreen dad made to her ex! Click to WATCH!

Liam Neeson and Maggie Grace are the stars of Taken 3, but we’re pretty sure Maggie’s ex-boyfriend was “taken” aback when he got a hilariously terrifying phone call from Liam as his formidable character Bryan Mills. Maggie shared the epic audio on the Jan. 8 episode of Conan. You have got to check this out!

Maggie Grace: Liam Neeson Prank Called My Ex-Boyfriend

This is everything.

On the Jan. 8 episode of Conan, Maggie gushed over how Liam has been like a protective dad both on and off the big screen. He came to her aid after a breakup and was determined to get the one-up on her ex. He decided to pick up the phone and use his daunting voice in a funny prank.

Check out the entire transcript of the phone call:

This is Bryan Mills. We’ve never met…And if you play your cards right, we never will. Now listen…You’re lower than the pond scum, so I’m just gonna say this once. You made two mistakes — Your first mistake was dating out of your league. Your second mistake, well, let’s just say any more mistakes and I’ll break your other arm – slowly. I don’t need to say it but I have a particular set of skills. And I don’t want to waste them on you. Now you get your s**t together.

This definitely scared Maggie’s ex-boyfriend straight. Just Liam uttering “I have a particular set of skills” is enough to give us goosebumps.

Maggie was on the show to promote the third film in the Taken series. In the final film of the trilogy, Bryan (Liam) is framed for his ex-wife’s murder and goes to great lengths to protect his daughter Kim (Maggie) once again.

In short, Liam kicks butt and takes names.

Taken 3 hits theaters on Jan. 9.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Liam’s prank call? Funniest one ever? Are you going to see Taken 3? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson