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‘Battle Of The Exes 2’: Diem Brown’s Drive Encouraged ‘AYTO’ Star Brittany

Thu, January 8, 2015 12:41pm EDT by Emily Longeretta Add first Comment
Brittany Baldassari Adam Kuhn The Challenge
Courtesy of MTV

On the season premiere of ‘The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2,’ for the first time ever, ‘Are You the One’ stars joined in! Rookie Brittany Baldassari told exclusively all about her experience with her ex, and about the inspiration she got while re-watching.

This season of The Challenge is couple themed– well ex-couple themed and, as you can imagine, it makes for some serious tension. On top of that, contestants must compete in challenges that are nearly impossible, especially without some hardcore teamwork. In a blog post written EXCLUSIVELY for us, Brittany Baldassari dishes all about her and ex Adam Kuhn‘s surprising win on the premiere, and how she feels about watching Diem Brown and Ryan Knight after their passing.

‘Battle of the Exes’ Blog: Brittany Reveals Ex-Tension

This season of The Challenge is titled ‘Battle of the Exes 2.’ My partner is my ex from season 1 of Are You The One?, Adam Kuhn. It was no simple task having to work with an ex. Living in The Challenge house was both rewarding and a struggle. Being a rookie and coming from a different television show, I was scapegoated by the “veterans.” I fought hard through the adversity and made my mark through my competitive efforts.

Episode one opens with each team being highlighted for their poor relationships in the past and it sets the tone for the struggles we are about to face throughout the season. Entering the dome as host TJ Lavin announces the rookies was nerve racking for me. We had the glaring, puzzled faces of the veterans beaming on us, it was enough tension to break glass.

The tension in the house was always very high. With exes not wanting to be around one another– let alone work together– it made for an uncomfortable environment at times. My struggle working with Adam stemmed from our previous relationship on ‘Are You The One?’ With trust and communication issues I feared we would not compete well together. That struggle was seen in our first challenge. Adam and I could not communicate properly and it affected our performance. I was both anxious and excited to tight rope walk across skyscrapers in the city of Panama. All I could hear were cars honking, wind blowing, and I could see people hanging out of their windows watching us, probably thinking, “these people are nuts.” Coming in last place lead to Adam and I going straight to elimination.

Stepping Into The Dome

I enjoyed watching the episode and seeing my cast mates compete, in particular Diem Brown and Ryan Knight. This season is dedicated to them with their recent passing. I loved watching the heart, soul, and tough blood that the veterans sweated out during that challenge. Their drive taught me not to be fearful.

Stepping into the dome was the most terrifying experience of my life. It happened on Monday night, in a crazy dark field under the stars. The dome is made of huge bamboo rods and filled with lots of fire. It resembles hell with its eerie presence. Adam and I were forced to work together, climbing a huge ladder while being strapped in by screws and belts (our arms and feet interlocked). It looked to be physically impossible, but we got it done. First one to ring the bell at the top wins! Adam and I sent home veterans Dustin and Jess with a W under our belt. Our confidence gave us some hope for the duration.

I am so excited for this season! I hope viewers enjoy watching my journey unfold as I become a memorable rookie and a force to be reckoned with.

— Brittany Baldassari