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Mia Martina: What You Should Know About Rising Singer & Her New Music

Sat, January 3, 2015 4:00pm EDT by 2 Comments
Mia Martina Interview
Courtesy Photo got the chance to sit down with up-in-coming singer/songwriter, Mia Martina, to talk about everything from her new album to her dream collaborations! Find out everything there is to know about this sexy superstar!

Mia Martina is the vocals behind the hit EDM tune “Stereo Love.” The canadian singer has just completed her second studio album and we could not be more excited! Mia came by the HollywoodLife offices to tell us all about her single and she revealed the best advice she would give to any aspiring singers — check it out!

Mia Martina Interview

How did you get your start in music?

“I have been singing since I was a little girl, I come form a village of like 500 people. It was really tough for me. Basically, my mom tired to put me in music school, she tried to find me labels but it was so tough since we were from such a small place. While I was in University, I interned at CP Records for a year, I was doing everything from delivery CDs to getting coffee. After about a year an a half, I made a demo and I played it for the CEO and he was like “why have you never said you sang?” He put me in the studio right away and it went from there.”

How did “Stereo Love” come about?

“Ultra was looking for a North American artist to do a remake, a version for America, and I was such a new artist, I didn’t even have a Facebook. The CEO of CP records was like “hey, lets get her in the studio and see if she can do this.” So I went, did it, and literally 2 days later, it was everywhere. I never even went back in the studio to record it again.”

What has been your favorite collaboration so far?

“I really liked doing my song “Danse” with DEV. She’s so cool, I love her personality, she’s awesome. I also have a new song with Waka Flocka, they were so nice to work with, those are my two favorites.”

Who would you want to collab with in the future?

“I would love to do a song with Sam Smith, that would be so awesome. He sings so beautifully. Imagine Dragons would be cool too.”

What can you tell us about your new album/single?

“My new album is different, a little more personal. It is not so on the EDM side, there is of course still come dance hits but its more singer/songwriter Mia. You will get more a feel for me on this one. My new single is called “HFH” (Heart Fu**ing Hurts). Everybody feels that way once in their lives. You just wake up and your heart hurts. Is is very slow tempo.”

What are the last song(s) you downloaded on to your iPod?

“Last song that I downloaded was Selena Gomez’s “The Heart Wants What It Wants.” It’s so cute. I love it. I love her, she’s so pretty, I also love Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space,” she’s good.”

What would be your best advice to any aspiring musicians?

“Have good people around. Surround yourself with people who really care about you. And be true to yourself.”

HollywoodLifers, will you download Mia’s new music? You definitely should!

— Shira Benozilio 

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