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‘Back To The Future: Part II’: What It Got Right & Wrong About 2015

Thu, January 1, 2015 1:14pm EDT by 2 Comments
Back To The Future Part 2
Courtesy of Universal Studios

‘Back To The Future: Part II’ totally got our hopes up about the crazy technology we’d have by now, and they were spot-on with some of their predictions! Let’s reflect on what the famous movie got right and wrong about life in 2015.

Back To The Future: Part II came out in 1989, and the film’s predictions on present day times couldn’t be funnier and somewhat right on the money! From 3D films to anti-aging to video calling, the world that Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) travelled is fairly similar to the 2015 we see today. But let’s not forget that we have yet to make real headway on time travel and more futuristic endeavors. Click below to check out our comparisons!

‘Back To The Future Part II’: What It Got Right & Wrong About 2015

Hovercraft/Flying Cars

Along with the hovercraft, jet pack, and floating highways, the 1980s and 1990s gave us the horrible impression that our daily commute would somehow not involve the ground. In Back To The Future: Part II, people zoom through the air amongst sleek-looking sports cars to get around. Yes, riding in an NYC taxi cab might be a similar experience, but they definitely missed it with this prediction. 

Holograms/3D Films

Early in the film, Marty is exploring the world of 2015 and walks by a hologram movie theatre! He gets freaked out by a holographic shark that looks like it is going to eat him. Films in 3D are everywhere these days, and we have witnessed both Tupac and Michael Jackson give crazy realistic holographic performances after their deaths. 

Miraculous Anti-Aging

Doc Brown flaunts the fact that he got a facial rejuvenation treatment and added 40 years to his life. His treatment might have involved actually peeling off a layer of his own skin, but this isn’t too far from the nip, tuck and tighten trends going on today. Cosmetic surgeries have more than doubled in frequency since 1989, and though it was a playful satire, this prediction was pretty accurate.

Video Calling

Long before Skype or FaceTime, we had Hollywood imagery of being able to talked to our loved ones via video call. In the movie, Marty gets a “video telephone call,” and this is a luxury we all use today. In fact, the present day FaceTime might even be a little cooler than the sci-fi version.

Time Machines

Of all discrepancies between the movie and our present day, time machines have to be the biggest. We’ve now got trains that can go 150 mph and have had incredible medical breakthroughs, but we haven’t yet figured out this whole time travel thing. Based off of the drama that it caused in the Back To The Future franchise, it’s pretty safe to say that we’re glad it hasn’t been invented!

‘Back To The Future Part II’: Fergie Spoofs The Film On New Year’s Eve

Of course, big fans for the franchise most likely knew all of this, and by the stroke of midnight, Twitter was flooded with comments about the iconic film. But the first to make a pop culture reference might’ve actually been Fergie while hosting Dick Clark’s Nw Year’s Rockin’ Eve. “We are finally caught up with Back to the Future,” she told the excited crowd in L.A. as they rang in the 2015.

But she wasn’t alone. Here were a few other tweet responses:



What other predictions for 2015 have turned out to be true (or not-so-true)? Tell us in the comments below!

— Kindra Bailey

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