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Hank Baskett & Kendra Wilkinson: He Finally Reveals If He Cheated

Fri, December 12, 2014 4:21pm EDT by Chris Rogers 5 Comments

The final episode of ‘Kendra On Top’ airs on Dec. 12 and in the final moments of a truly chaotic season, Hank finally reveals whether he cheated on Kendra. Watch the video here!

In the Dec. 12 special Kendra on Top: The Untold StoryKendra Wilkinson asks Hank Baskett what we’ve been wondering all season long: “Did you go there to intend to have sex with the transexual?” And for the first time ever, Hank gives a solid answer!

‘Kendra On Top: The Untold Story’: Hank Reveals Cheating Scandal Truth To Kendra

“Kendra, I want to tell you,” Hank says at first. “You don’t know how bad. I just don’t know how to tell you.”

“Just tell me this much. Am I stupid for staying with you?” Kendra then asks in a clip given to PEOPLE. “Was this your way of wanting out of this marriage? Because if you do, just do it. Say it.”

‘Kendra On Top’: Kendra Tells Hank Marriage Isn’t For Her — Wants To Be Friends

Kendra goes on to push a bit harder in an effort to get some actual answers.

“Did you go there to intend to have sex with the transexual?” she asks.

“No. No,” Hank says, before Kendra adds, “Well, that’s the first step.”

She’s right. Hank hasn’t given Kendra much information on his alleged affair all season long. Even though he’s not saying much here, he’s at least saying he didn’t intend to cheat on her. Perhaps we’ll get more answers on tonight’s all new special.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Is Kendra badgering Hank too much or is she doing the right thing? Should she have dumped him a long time ago? Vote and tell us how you feel!

— Chris Rogers

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