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The Fooo Conspiracy Debuts ‘Wild Hearts’ Music Video – Watch

Wed, December 10, 2014 2:07pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 1 Comment
The Foo Conspiracy Wild Hearts
Courtesy Photo

The Fooo Conspiracy’s music video is officially here — and has it exclusively just for you.

Oscar ‘O.G.’ Molander, 17, Oscar Enestad, 17, Omar Rudberg, 16 and Felix Sandman, 16, make up The Fooo Conspiracy, the Swedish boy band that is seriously about to take over, and it starts right now. The band is premiering their brand new music video for “Wild Hearts” — and you have to watch. But first, get to know the guys below! (And yes, they once opened for Justin Bieber.)

The Foo Conspiracy

Alright, here’s our exclusive chat with the guys of The Fooo. Read it below, then watch their music video here!

HL: What music inspires you?
Felix: We have tons of inspirational sources. But right now, Justin Timberlake, is a HUGE inspiration. We love music like… Well, Oscar loves Ariana Grande! And Nick Jonas’s “Jealous!” But inspiration-wise, we take inspiration from everything like, dancers, artists, songwriters.

HL: What brought you guys together in the first place?
Oscar: It was actually an audition that brought us together! Felix, Ogge, and I, we have known each other since we were like three years old. And we were dancing together, singing together, in this like, music school. And one day this audition came up, and we auditioned for it and yeah! We got selected by coincidence, and we were friends from before so it was great! And then we met Omar, he’s from Gothenburg.
Omar: Yea so I moved to Sweden when I was like six years old. And then I started to sing and do, what do you call it? Talent shows? Competitions. A producer then recommended I join the group and two weeks after the audition, I met the boys!

HL: Who’s your favorite young, hot artist right now?
A: Ariana Grande is one! Becky G for Ogge maybe? I would say Beyoncé but she isn’t young so…

HL: She isn’t that old either!
A: No she’s not! Can I say Beyoncé?
Omar: I’d say Jessie J, or Rihanna.

HL: Any other celebrity crushes that you guys have?
A: Jennifer Lawrence! She’s in Hunger Games!

HL: Anyone you guys want to tour with?
A: It would be great with Justin Timberlake. Justin Timberlake would be cool. His dancing, and singing. So much inspiration. There are so many! Wow. I guess, I don’t know. I guess it would be great to do collaborations with Jay-Z… Ed Sheeran. But the dream is to headline our own tour. So maybe with Justin Bieber, oh wait I meant Justin Timberlake!

HL: Not Justin Bieber?
No not Justin Bieber! Although, we’ve been a supporting act for Justin Bieber, that was our first gig actually! We opened for Bieber for three nights. It was our first miked up performance.

HL: Anything fans or people who want to start listening to you guys will be surprised by?
A: Well we have our EP out! Check out our socials as well! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram! We choreograph our own shows — that’s pretty interesting. We make it from scratch.

Well, their new video is SO good — and trust me, you’ll want to see it.

— Emily Longeretta