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Stephen Colbert Insults President Obama To His Face On ‘Colbert Report’

Tue, December 9, 2014 10:50am EDT by Add first Comment

Funny man Stephen Colbert wasn’t shy about cracking jokes about President Obama and last night was no different — even when the President stopped by. He started out dissing the President’s job, saying he could easily be a politician but a politician could never do his job!

Stephen Colbert didn’t hesitate to crack jokes about President Barack Obama on his Dec. 8 episode of the The Colbert Report. The hilarious host told the audience he didn’t believe a politician was capable of doing his on air job. Cue the President, who took over the show from there!

Stephen Colbert Hands Over His Hosting Chair To The POTUS

President Obama stepped up — or should we say sat down — as Stephen Colbert’s replacement on the Dec. 8 episode of the The Colbert Report. He was backstage listening to the host take jabs at the way he did his job and decided he wanted to show Stephen that he too could host the late night show.

The President told Stephen,”You’ve been taking a lot of shots at my job, I’ve decided to take a shot at yours.” He even got his own insult in there, “How hard could this be?”

With that being said, the POTUS took over as host and picked up where Stephen left off, “The WORD” segment.

“Nation, as you know I, Stephen Colbert, have never cared for our president,” Barack read. “The guy is so arrogant, I bet he talks about himself in the third person. But even I have to admit that Obamacare is the law of the land and, while it’s been politically divisive, there are things people from both parties like about Obamacare.”

It’s great to see the President not take himself so seriously — and on national TV!

He continued with his monologue saying, “Nearly 7 million signed up last year, and almost 1 million more have signed up in just the past few weeks,” while the statement “So, Half As Popular As Grumpy Cat Video” flashed on screen.

We have to admit, we would love it if Grump Cat hosted The Colbert Report next!

‘The Colbert Report’: The POTUS Has A Funny Side

The President stayed in character all the way to the end, “We will be right back with the leader of the free world,” he said, peeking down at the page pretending he couldn’t remember his own name before adding, “Barack Obama.”

After, Barack sat down and did an actual interview with Stephen. But the jokes didn’t cease, at the end the POTUS said, “I will say, I felt more powerful behind that desk.”

And with that Stephen replied with “With great power comes medium cable ratings.”

What do you think, HollywoodLifers, did President Obama do a good job as host of The Colbert Report? Was he funny? Let us know.

— Brittany King

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