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Bobby Moynihan Spoofs Princess Leia In ‘Star Wars’ On ‘SNL’ – Watch

Mon, December 8, 2014 11:17am EDT by 1 Comment

The force is strong with this cast. The hilarious ‘SNL’ comedians spoofed the latest ‘Star Wars’ trailer — and it was EPIC! Click this video you will.

Leave it to the cast of “Saturday Night Live: to poke fun at the franchise, “Star Wars” on Dec. 6 by going after the original trio! Comedian Bobby Moynihan was the perfect choice to portray an elderly Princess Leia, while Taran Killam played a hearing impaired Hans Solo. Even James Franco got in on the sketch and played a decrepit cave-dwelling Luke Skywalker.

The ‘SNL’ Cast Spoofs New ‘Star Wars’ Trailer — Watch

Did you ever think you would see Luke Skywalker using the force to separate his vitamins and medication? Or Hans Solo driving like a typical senior citizen? Well, SNL went there.

Funny man, James Franco hosted SNL on Dec. 6, and put on quite a show. The actor was involved in numerous skits, but our favorite was seeing him portray the elderly version of Luke — and he nailed it.

Luke was seen receiving a message that there was a disturbance in the force, but as the camera pans out we see that he relies heavily on his lightsaber walker. But that’s not all, he also relies on medication and vitamins for his “thyroid problem.”

Luke isn’t so intimidating nowadays.

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As for our favorite girl — Princess Leia, she was played by Bobby who can’t seem to understand common household electronics and properly program R2-D2. She had graying trademark buns and poor eyesight.

We also get to see that the princess is still happily married to Hans, and continues to accompany him on adventures.

Hans Solo Shouldn’t Be Operating Heavy Machinery

Then there was Taran’s portrayal of Hans Solo, which took geriatrics to whole new level. We see him ordering the early bird special at the cantina, driving with a handicap sticker, leaving his blinker on in traffic and all the while not being able to hear a thing!

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But what would a “Star Wars” spoof be without Chewy? The poor “pup” was seen wearing a dog cone of shame and had graying matted hair.

We have to say, if there was an extended theatrical version of this spoof, we would be in comedy heaven!

What do you think, HollywoodLifers, did the cast of SNL nail the new “Star Wars” senior citizen version? Let us know.

— Brittany King

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