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Father Pretends To Throw Toddler Son Off Balcony In Horrifying Video

Wed, December 3, 2014 9:13am EDT by Lauren Cox 6 Comments

This prank is not for the faint of heart. In a shocking video, a father pretends to accidentally throw his tiny son off of a balcony in front of the boy’s mother. Click inside to WATCH!

Prankster Roman Atwood strikes again and this time his girlfriend, Brittney Smith, is the victim. In a new video, Roman’s toddler son, Kane, appears to go flying over a balcony from the second floor inside the couple’s home. But, how does this girlfriend and mother react after seeing what she thinks is her own child die?

Father Pranks Child’s Mom In Horrifying Video

Maybe Roman should have skipped this prank.

The notorious YouTube prankster put his son at the center of a trick concocted to make his girlfriend — and the kid’s mother — believe the boy had accidentally been killed inside their home.

The video starts off harmless, with Roman playing with his two children, including the toddler who is dressed in a Spiderman costume, on the second floor of their home. Noticeably present directly behind Roman is a banister which overlooks the living room below.

When Roman’s girlfriend, Brittney, comes home, she goes upstairs to greet her boyfriend and her son before they ask her to go back downstairs and grab them some water.

After she’s gone, Roman sends the toddler into a room and tells him to be quiet, while his older son, Noah, brings out a toddler-sized mannequin wearing an identical Spiderman costume.

The Prank Unfolds Before Brittney’s Eyes

As Brittney ascends to the top of the stairs she arrives just in time to witness Roman throwing their son — which is actually the mannequin — over the balcony in a “tragic accident.”

Both parents go running downstairs, but it’s Brittney who finds their son’s “body” in the living room first.

When she rips off the mask to find a mannequin… well, let’s just say she is NOT happy about being scared to death by her own husband.

And believe it or not, the video already had over 6 MILLION VIEWS at the time this article was published!

Tell us, HollyMoms — Is this prank harmless, or does it go way too far? Would you be mad at your child’s father if he did this to you? Comment below with your thoughts!

— Lauren Cox

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