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10 Best Ideas For A First Date

Mon, December 1, 2014 4:39pm EDT by Add first Comment
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It’s on. You’re confirmed for Saturday—woot! But if the thought of going out for dinner and a movie sounds like a snooze to you, try giving one of these fun first date ideas a whirl.

Sure, no guy would judge you for suggesting a meet up over drinks. It’s a classic for a reason! But it also sets you up for some classic #datefails—awkward silences, having to pee too much, the list goes on. The next time a guy asks what you want to do for The Big Night, offer up one of these suggestions.

The Best First Date Ideas – Fun Things to Do On a First Date


Go bowling. Or play billiards or throw darts. The point is, any date where there is natural competition built in, allows for fun, flirty banter between the two of you. There’s way less of a chance that your convo will come to a screeching halt.


See a concert. Hit up a local dive bar to check out a new indie band playing. The setting is more intimate and the loud music gives you an excuse to squeeze in close.


Visit the zoo. The fastest way to draw out a guy’s sweet side? Take him to the red panda cage during lunchtime. Anyone who doesn’t melt into a pile of jello over the sight of these cuties eating has no soul. (FYI – Any cuddling animal will do if there isn’t a red panda at your zoo.)




Take a hike. Guys love being active, and it’s a major turn-on when a girl isn’t afraid to break a sweat too. Plus, all the moving around will actually help calm your nerves while you talk. It isn’t as intimidating as talking face-to-face.


Go to a museum. Dinosaur fossils? Not just interesting to 5th grade science classes. The entire building lends itself to endless small talk. Also, what guy doesn’t dig a smart girl?


Attend a cooking class. Yes, technically How About We for Couples is, you know, for couples. But the site often has great non-membership deals for cool, kooky classes in your area. Just forgo the basic pie-making class for something more flavorful, such as a DIY Boozy Ice Cream Sandwich class.


Stroll a used bookstore. Both literature buffs? Take turns walking each other through your favorite sections and discuss your all-time favorite novels. Bonus: If things go well, at the end of the night you can live out your college fantasy of kissing in the stacks.


Go on a brewery tour. Like meeting at a bar, a beer tasting tour will give you all the liquid courage you need—except the tour guide is there to help interject during any awkward lulls in conversation.


Go apple picking. There’s something incredibly romantic about getting lost in a sea of crisp leaves in the fall. Being away from a ton of distractions lets you really get deep with each other.


Go to a movie, then dinner. If you’re into the idea of switching things up, but don’t want to move too far outside your dating comfort zone, try this hack: Check out a flick before you go to a restaurant so you can discuss the movie while you eat—talking points guaranteed.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? What’s the best first date you’ve ever been on? Let us know your thoughts below!


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