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Emily Kinney’s Tearful Goodbye To ‘The Walking Dead’: It Was ‘Stressful’

Mon, December 1, 2014 5:23pm EDT by Lauren Cox 6 Comments

SPOILERS! So, how does it feel to be killed off of ‘The Walking Dead’? A tearful Emily Kinney revealed on ‘Talking Dead’ that she is devastated, and that the entire ordeal was very ‘stressful’ for her.

Emily Kinney, 29, said her final farewells to The Walking Dead fans by making a surprise appearance on the live after-show, Talking Dead. Joined by creator Robert Kirkman, Emily opened up about life after The Walking Dead and how difficult shooting her final scene was. So sad!

Emily Kinney Cries On ‘Talking Dead’ Over Beth’s Death

After Beth’s shocking death on The Walking Dead‘s mid-season finale, it was heartbreaking to see the actress herself, Emily, crying on live television during her Talking Dead appearance.

“Shooting the episode was stressful,” Emily said, laughing nervously. “Because you’re not just leaving the character, but… oh, no.”

Emily abruptly stopped speaking as she began to tear up, and Talking Dead‘s host, Chris Hardwick, told her it was okay to be so upset.

Once she regained her composure, Emily continued to explain what leaving her The Walking Dead family was like.

“But you do get really invested, and you know, I have a whole life in Atlanta now. We all moved there and work there… I’m sorry,” she said, as she began to tear up again.

It was heartbreaking to see Emily so upset! Clearly, she is just as upset as The Walking Dead‘s loyal fans. We miss you already, Emily!

Emily Only Had 1 Episodes Notice Before Death

As she spoke about leaving the show, her co-stars, and her life in Atlanta behind, Emily revealed when she found out that Beth would be killed off.

“I found out in 7 that I would die in 8,” she explained. “So, I had to deal with all of those logistics of moving, getting rid of my apartment, plus it’s like, ‘Oh, you’re not gonna be on the show anymore!'”

That means Emily found out that Beth was going to be killed by Dawn while she was still shooting episode 7, and that is probably due to the fact The Walking Dead show-runners are very secretive about everything.

Emily continued to explain that it was important for her to say proper goodbyes to all of her friends and co-stars in Atlanta, but still manage to give the best performance she could for her final episode.

You nailed it, Emily.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers — Are you sad to see Emily/Beth go in season 5? Do you think they should have kept her around longer, or do you think it was time for her to be killed off? Tell us why or why not in the comments below!

— Lauren Cox

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