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‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: [SPOILER] Dies In Violent Mid-Season Finale

Sun, November 30, 2014 10:27pm EDT by Lauren Cox 12 Comments

Are you emotionally prepared for ‘The Walking Dead’s mid-season 5 finale? Sadly, one of our beloved survivors will not make it to the end. Spoilers ahead!

On the Nov. 30 mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, we lose another one of Rick’s longtime survivors. While he and Daryl finally manage to come face-to-face with the crazed officers running Grady Memorial Hospital, who will make it out of the showdown alive?

‘The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Finale Starts Off Bloody

I can’t believe we are already at the mid-season finale. This first half of the season has not been enough!

Thankfully, the Nov. 30 mid-season finale starts off right where the previous episode left off with the kidnapped cop on the run, and Rick chasing after him in a stolen police car.

When the cop, Officer Lambson, doesn’t stop, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) decides to make him stop by speeding up and hitting him with the car. The officer goes flying through the air and lands on his head, either breaking his neck or his back. Rick refuses to bring him to the hospital and instead decides to shoot him in the head, leaving him dead in the middle of the road.

‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Finale: Fans Mourn Shocking Death

Hopefully, that one kill is enough to satiate Rick’s never ending blood-lust. Although, referring to it as “never ending” shows you how much hope I have for that one.

Father Gabriel Almost Gets Everyone Killed

Back in the boonies, Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam)  is still on his escape mission. He has found himself at the old Termites camp ground, and even discovers the maggot covered remains of Bob’s leg. Gross.

Soon enough he’s being chased by a herd of hungry walkers, and it’s straight back to the church he goes. However, he’s overrun, and as he’s begging for Michonne (Danai Gurai) to open the door, the herd infiltrates the barriers they put up to protect the church.

[SPOILER]’s Tearful Goodbye To ‘The Walking Dead’: It Was ‘Stressful’

Michonne doesn’t know this and tries to help by using an ax to break open the doors that they’ve sealed shut, and as soon as that happens a flood of walkers follow Father Gabriel inside.

Michonne and Carl (Chandler Riggs) do their best to ward them off, but it’s no use — there’s too many of them. Thanks a lot, Father.

The three of them dash to safety behind closed doors in the rectory, but they can’t get the doors closed fast enough. Instead, Father Gabriel is holding a chair against the door as walkers reach inside with their dirty, dead fingers hoping to find a meal.

‘The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Finale: [SPOILER] Should Have Lived

Carl and Judith escape through the hole in the floor that Gabriel ripped open earlier, and Michonne jumps in after them but hesitates briefly. Just long enough for Father Gabriel to reveal that he’s holding off the walkers for her, and if he dies, well, then it was worth it.

Somehow, he manages to follow Michonne to safety — but not before a walker trips and falls, splitting her head on the machete that Gabriel used to rip open the floor. It’s gross, but also an epic unintentional walker kill.

Abraham & His Gang Return Just In Time

Just when all hope is lost as Michonne and Carl stare at the walker occupied church they once called home for a few nights, a surprise returns to save them all: Abraham!

Well, it’s Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) driving the fire truck filled with Glenn (Steven Yeun), Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Eugene (Josh McDermitt), and everyone else. The fact that Eugene lied is revealed to Michonne instantly, and it’s not even an issue.

Instead, Michonne is more excited to tell Maggie that her little sister, Beth, is alive. Maggie is overcome with emotion, which is shocking to see considering she has not mentioned or shown any concern for Beth throughout this entire season.

But, this means Rick and Daryl (Norman Reedus) have back up if things get bad at the hospital — because everyone agrees to hop back on the fire truck and head to Atlanta to help them.

Back in Atlanta, Rick and Daryl are trying to figure out what to do now that they have a dead cop on their hands. That ruins their plan for a trade, and they are worried they’ve messed up the whole thing.

The female cop they have in custody, Officer Hanson, tells Rick it’s a shame the cop got attacked by “rotters” — their word for walkers — and that they witnessed it happen. Rick doesn’t trust it, because he doesn’t trust anything or anyone, but both cops explain that if Dawn knows he killed the cop, she’ll see the trade as a rip off. It’s the only way to make the deal work, and it’s the only shot they have left.

Are Dawn & Beth Becoming Gal Pals?

It seems that Dawn has turned Beth into her own personal assistant. First, she’s in Dawn’s office cleaning and talking about how the officers need to respect her or she’ll lose control, and then Dawn’s saving her from another cop who is bullying an older man in the hallway.

Beth is desperately trying to make Dawn realize that there is no hope to be had. During a quiet moment alone, Dawn threatens Beth by holding the fact that she killed a cop and no one else in the hospital knows it.

But, they have an intruder — another cop, the one who was bullying the old man — has been listening to their conversation. Now, he knows that Beth is a “cop killer” and that Dawn is protecting her.

When he tells them he’s going to tell everyone that Dawn’s a traitor, she pulls her gun on on him. He tries to use their history together as a way to talk her down, but it doesn’t work. Instead, Dawn tells him that she’s not going to let his bad-guy behavior continue. Is it me, or has Beth finally gotten inside of Dawn’s head?

The showdown results in him tackling her, and Dawn’s gun goes flying straight down the open elevator shaft at the end of the hallway. However, during a break in their nasty physical battle, Dawn screams for Beth’s help and she’s the one who shoves the cop down the shaft.

Both Beth and Dawn look down the shaft and listen as the walkers overcome his fresh body, and that’s when Dawn thanks her for saving her life.

Sadly, Carol’s still in a coma inside the hospital. After killing the cop, Beth finds solace by hiding in Carol’s room, but Dawn manages to find her.

Dawn offers Beth a shot from her private stash, but Beth refuses. She tells Dawn that she’s onto her, she’s finally got the hospital figured out. According to Beth, everyone just uses everyone else to get what they want. She’s not wrong.

But Dawn drops a bombshell: “You know this woman,” she says, referring to Carol (Melissa McBride) lying in the bed behind her.

Dawn tells Beth that she could be a part of the hospital, she could join her and help her, and that she won’t forget what she did for her back by the elevator shaft.

That’s when it happens: Carol’s head turns, and her eyes open, and she looks very, very confused.

Rick Starts The Hostage Trade In Atlanta

Outside of the hospital, Rick finally meets with two of the hospital officers at the top of a building. He introduces himself and they ask him to drop his weapons, so he does, willfully.

He tells them flat out that he has a proposal, and it’s to trade two of his people for two of theirs — Beth and Carol for the two cops he is holding hostage. The entire time he is talking to them they are pointing their guns at him, but up on a rooftop nearby Sasha and Daryl are doing the same to the officers. Just in case.

The next thing we see is one of the officer’s leading Rick, Daryl, and the hostages into the hospital. In a room nearby, Beth has changed out of her scrubs and into the clothes she must have been wearing when she was kidnapped.

Soon after that, Beth is pushing Carol, who is wide awake in a wheelchair, down the hallway to the meeting point.

Dawn and Rick finally come face-to-face, and the trade off seems too easy. Way too easy.

First, Daryl hands off the male cop, and in return he gets Carol in her wheelchair. Next, Beth gets traded for the female cop, Officer Hanson.

But Dawn pulls a wild car and demands that they return Noah to her. That’s why this was too easy, huh?

Rick and Daryl both refuse to turn Noah over, but Dawn continues to demand him — claiming that she lost an officer and she is losing her ward, Beth, so she needs a replacement. Finally, Noah decides to turn himself over, and hands his weapon to Rick.

Dawn Kills [SPOILER] In Front Of Everyone

Beth runs up to him and hugs him, wishing there was anything in the world she could do to change this. But, there isn’t, and Dawn swiftly reminds her of that with a snide, unnecessary remark: “I knew you’d be back.”

That’s when Beth as finally had enough, and she confronts Dawn. Her last words? “I get it now.”

Beth had a pair of scissors tucked inside her cast and uses it to stab Dawn in the shoulder. Dawn’s instantaneous reaction is to shoot Beth directly in the head. It’s unclear whether or not it was an accident, because even Dawn is shocked at what she’s just done.

But Daryl reacts just as quickly. As soon as Beth’s lifeless body hits the floor, he points his gun at Dawn and BOOM. She’s a goner. Finally.

Even I have to admit that seemed pretty predictable. But what we could not have predicted was Daryl’s endless tears over Beth’s death, and then, of course, Maggie’s reaction when she arrives just in time to witness Daryl carrying Beth’s lifeless body out of the hospital.

It’s heartbreaking to watch, but at the same time — why didn’t Maggie care about Beth’s whereabouts all season long? A little awkward, no?

Either way, I’m left feeling pretty hopeless after this mid-season finale. Everything our survivors had going for them, everything they had to live for, is now gone. There is no cure, they couldn’t save Beth, and now they no longer have the safety of the church.

So, what’s next?

Morgan Returns In Another Bonus Scene

For those of you who missed the post-credits scene, we finally get another look at Morgan. First, he’s discovered the same Termites camp ground that Father Gabriel was at earlier in the episode.

Then, he finds his way to the church — which is now filled with dead walkers. Inside he finds a snack and a bullet and he laughs, although it’s unclear why.

But before leaving the church he discovers the map that Abraham left him, and he reads the note addressed to Rick Grimes. His reaction? Shock.

Did he not know he was following Rick this whole time? Is he now going to attempt to get to Washington D.C. thinking that Rick is there?

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers — Are you sad to see Beth go? What do you think will happen next now that our survivors have lost all of their hope again? Comment below!

— Lauren Cox

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