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‘Are You The One’: Layton & Dario Ashley Fight Over The Virgin Ashley

Mon, November 24, 2014 11:00pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 2 Comments

The perfect matches are lining up, but two solo flyers in the house are Layton and Ashley. In this EXCLUSIVE first look, the duo fights over Dario! Will they finally get together and find out that they’re a perfect match? Find out in your full recap ahead!

Are You The One has put Layton through the ringer. Between Jenni, who was matched up with John, and Jessica who’s basically become an insane stage-five clinger, the Southern boy hasn’t had much luck. Will the house virginAshley, be the lady to turn it all around or will she keep pining over the lovable player Dario?

‘Are You The One’: Layton & Ashley Realize They Could Be A Perfect Match

“I’ve always, my whole life, said I need someone like my mom or my sister,” Layton tells Ashley on the Nov. 24 episode of Are You The One, giving her a weirdly sweet compliment. “My sister lost her virginity at 25 and she got married to the guy.”

In this exclusive clip (above), debuted by, Ashley realizes Layton may be her man. “I see where Layton and I match. His parents have never been divorced. His mom has only been with his dad. I’m only wanting to be with one person.”

Layton lays it our straight: “I have no doubt in my mind that it’s you.”

Dario Comes In Between Ashley & Layton

It’s not going to be that easy for Ashley to just forget that Layton hasn’t given her the time of day, up to this point, because he’s had his eyes on “two of the hottest girls in the house.”

Of course, one of those girls is Jenni, and she’s not fair game anymore — she found out that her perfect match was John on the Nov. 17 episode,but Layton ends up gettin’ in there with another girl, despite his flattering words: “I’ve made a lot of bad decisions, but all that sh*t’s over. I feel like that could have been one of the easiest match ups from the beginning and we just never pursued it because of other distractions.”

One of those distractions is apparently JESSICA. (What?!) She and Layton enjoy a night in the boom boom room.

Meanwhile, Dario takes advantage of the situation and makes out with Ashley.

Remember last week when Ashley booty bumped with Dario on the party bus last week, but then Layton swooped in when Dario wasn’t too privy on her being a virgin? (“I don’t think I’m ready for it, but damn, that booty’s big!”) Well, this week, the tables have turned and Dario wants to take her V-card.

But there’s a catch! Layton still wants Ashley, even though he hooked up with Jessica. Who will she choose?

‘AYTO’ Week 8: Who’s A Perfect Match?

Christina and Nathan were sent into the truth but, but shockingly, they’re not a match. That means no girl is going home tonight, but what does that mean about the matches?

In the final ceremony, here’s who locked in together:

Briana & Nathan

Jasmine & Alex

Jessica & Anthony

Tyler & Brandon

Alex & Garland

Ellie & Layton

Ashley & Dario

Christina & Anthony (but then Ant chooses Jessica, forcing Christina to sit out! Again, what?!)

Dario calls out Layton for being sleezy and trying to get with Ashley and the guys end up screaming obscenities at each other. Obviously. “Layton’s a good guy, but I think it’s a bunch of bulls*t…we’ve had all the chips fall in our hands, and for her to go in a different direction…is ludicrous.”

The group ended up with five out of 10. If you’re keeping up, that’s one less beam that last week.

HollywoodLifers, do you think that one of the five perfect matches is Ashley and Dario or do you think she belongs with Layton? Let us know!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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