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‘True Tori’: Dean McDermott’s Ex-Wife & Tori Spelling Form A Bond

Tue, November 18, 2014 10:18pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 2 Comments

Tori Spelling goes behind her husband Dean McDermott’s back to meet up with his ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace on the Nov. 18 episode of ‘True Tori’ and Dean doesn’t take the meeting too well — but it’s nothing compared to his bizarre emotional breakdown at the end of the show.

Tori Spelling gets lunch with Dean McDermott‘s ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace on True Tori, sparking another fight. (Well, what did she expect?) Then, Dean blames Tori for making him do the show, in the first place, and finally comes to the realization, “I feel like I’m a little bit of a laughing stock.” Then, things get really weird when the couple meets with a guru. (But seriously, that actually happened.)

‘True Tori’: Tori Spelling Meets With Dean’s Ex-Wife, Mary Jo Eustace

When you’re having trouble overcoming your husband’s affair with another woman, the best thing to do is bring in another woman into the picture, right? That’s what Tori thinks, at least, when she meets Dean’s ex-wife Mary Jo on the Nov. 18 episode of True Tori.

“Our common denominator is Dean,” Tori says. “It just makes sense that we’d want to talk about it.”

Tori and Mary Jo meet up for lunch and white wine (surprised they didn’t need something stronger), and the ex brings a love letter that Dean wrote to her when they were still together. It says she is the love of his life and Tori can’t take that. Apparently she forgot that she actually was the love of his life, until she broke up their marriage.

Mary Jo proceeds to tell Tori that Dean was “determined” to get with Tori, insinuating that he was after her family’s money. “If that’s what he was looking for — a free ticket — it didn’t work out,” defending herself. By lunches’ end, the ladies have completely bonded and Tori trusts Dean’s ex-wife more than Dean himself.

When Tori gets home, what does she find on the kitchen counter? A love letter.

“It’s a love note from Dean to me, and I just read a love note from Dean to Mary Jo. How ironic is this?” Tori ponders.

Dean Blames Tori For ‘True Tori’

Obviously, Dean isn’t pleased that Tori met up with Mary Jo, slamming his ex for lying about their relationship. In fact, he suggests his first wife shouldn’t be allowed on their show anymore because he was a broken man when he was married to her, and she’s making him out to look like a fool. These are two of his good reasons:

1. “I was a weak, emasculated individual.”

2. “When I confessed at her mother’s house, I had a packet of cocaine in my pocket.”

But it’s not just Mary Jo that Dean wants out — he wants off the show, too.

“I feel like I’m a little bit of a laughing stock,” Dean tells Dr. Wexler in therapy. “Maybe I’ve let people in too much.” (Hmmm…took long enough to notice, ya think?)

“I’m so f***ing stupid,” he says, explaining that reality stars never make the transition to real acting so his career is done. Tori gets it. “Dean feels like the show is a mistake and it’s hurting our relationship, not helping it.”

Yep. Pretty much.

Dean Breaks Down In Baby Tears With A Guru

Tori feels guilty for worsening their relationship via True Tori, and decides to bring Dean to a guru — Guru Singh — so they can talk out their relationship problems.

First question? “Who is Tori?”

Dean answers: “Intelligent, immature, a baby, afraid of hurting feelings, afraid of hurting people, ill — physically, amazing wife, amazing mom, full of love, amazing touch…the love of my life.”

Next up is Tori. “Who is Dean?”

She answers, “My love, little boy, caring and selfish, lost, smart and stupid,” only to be interupted by Dean who belittles himself: “Not worthy, conflicted confused, complicated.”

Then things get weird. Like weird, weird, weird. The guru urges Dean to let himself accept the breakdown, which in turn, results in a “release.” Dean cries like a baby, makes the strangest moaning noises I’ve ever heard, and then hallucinates?! “Your face morphed,” he tells Guru Singh. “Dark skin, dark bean. I don’t know who it was.”

The guru totally gets Dean — they’re like one now, you know? — and tells Tori, through the creepiest laugh I’ve ever heard, that he’s perfectly fine and is now a true man.

(Apparently true men need to go through child birth, or at least simulate the audio contractions.)

HollywoodLifers, do you think it was shady for Tori to meet up with Mary Jo behind Dean’s back? Or you totally freaked out by Dean’s emotional breakdown, like I am? Let me know!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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