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‘Dawson’s Creek’: James Van Der Beek & Joshua Jackson Reunite — Pic

Mon, November 17, 2014 3:00pm EDT by Emily Longeretta Add first Comment
Dawson's Creek Reunion
Courtesy of Instagram

Looks like life after Joey Potter does exist. On Nov. 16, Dawson and Pacey ran into each other randomly, and let’s just say, this is what really broke the internet.

I’ve pretty much been utterly incapable of completing a sentence after seeing this pic. Joshua Jackson and James Van Der Beek reunited over the weekend and shared an absolutely adorable pic of the TV besties-turned-enemies who basically spent all of their teenage years fighting over the one and only Joey Potter (where were you, Katie Holmes?!)

Dawson’s Creek Reunion

James posted the above pic with the caption, “The most pleasant run-ins can happen in the most unexpected places…”

It was smart of the guys to not share the location since fans would absolutely be all over the boys the minute that happened. Needless to say, Dawson’s Creek may have ended in 2003, but the show is one of the most precious to ever be on TV and definitely has one of the largest fan bases.

The series ended with (Spoiler alert, er, I guess) Dawson finally forgave Pacey and became friends again. It took forever, but he got over the fact that Joey didn’t choose him and that soulmates didn’t end up together.tumblr_n06wksneTf1rdcz8qo7_r1_250

However, for us true fans, we had a little feeling that Pacey and Dawson would never actually be friends again. Dawson would always be a little oompa loompa.

But, against all odds, they are indeed! Sure, it’s been over ten years and they’re not actually their characters but if nothing else, this friendship just gives us a ping of hope that the guys will join Kevin Williamson and the writers at the ATX Festival’s Dawson’s Creek writers’ reunion this summer.

A girl can hope right? Dreams come true, not free.

— Emily Longeretta

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