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Brothers Grimm: Fairytales Restored & There Are No ‘Happy Endings’

Thu, November 13, 2014 2:38pm EDT by HL Intern 4 Comments
Courtesy of the Brothers Grimm

Yikes! Our favorite stories from growing up have just been majorly revised and we don’t think bedtime will ever be the same again!

Grimm stories have been told for centuries, but who knew that those fairy tales didn’t tell the whole story? No one told us Snow White’s mom wanted to feast on her organs and Rapunzel was impregnated in the tower! Call us weird but we’re a little intrigued by this new book that is set to give readers the whole picture!

Brothers Grimm: The Original Stories

Professor Jack Zipes from the University of Minnesota, fascinated by the children’s stories, revisited the very first edition of the Brothers Grimm’s volume of stories and translated the whole thing into English. The book’s called ‘The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm’.

Apparently, the Brothers had released several versions of their tales, making each new one a little friendlier for the general and younger audience. And so, the first collection of stories is pretty much the rawest of them all!

Truth Behind The Glass Slipper!

This edition features some stories that aren’t too familiar, but are hard to forget… The Children of Famine is one where a mother tries to eat her own daughters out of dire starvation. But the goriest of them all is probably the retelling of every little girl’s favorite princess-Cinderella. So remember how Prince Charming went around the whole land to find the owner of the glass slipped Cinderella left behind in at the ball? Well, did you know that her stepmother handed her evil stepsisters a knife to cut bits of their feet off so they’d be able to slip it in to the shoe? Gross, we know!

Although it may shatter our childhoods completely, we think these restored stories are pretty interesting! But we want to know what you think, HollywoodLifers! Did you grow up with the stories and are planning on checking out the book? Let us know!

— Maryam Rasheed

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