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Kim Kardashian: There’s Nothing Wrong With Showing Your Butt

Wed, November 12, 2014 7:34pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 5 Comments

Kim, you’ve been the brunt of endless jokes and disses all day since your new butt-baring cover of ‘Paper’ magazine was revealed. But really, what is wrong with showing off your beautiful body?

Kim Kardashian, 34, your butt couldn’t be more bare or proudly exposed on the cover of Paper magazine.

Kim Kardashian Showing Butt: There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Magazine Cover

Now, I know that many women and men are outraged by your proudly bared body. In fact, they might be most outraged by how much fun you look like you’re having, dropping your evening gown to reveal a large, well-oiled posterior that is rounder and firmer than any grown woman’s butt has a right to be!

Yes, that is a smile on your face. Not only are you posterior-proud in front of the whole world, you’re gleefully hoping that the sight of your naked rear will be such a viral sensation that it will actually #breaktheinternet.

Now, many feel that your actions are shameful or that at best, that you’re a showoff, but I honestly don’t see the difference between women baring their breasts in the #freethenipple campaign and you stripping down for an artful photograph.

In both cases, you and the women supporting breast pride are conveying the same empowering message — the female body is beautiful.

The female body IS beautiful. Half the population has one, and why does it have to always be covered up?

There is nothing inherently “bad” about nudity. There’s nothing inherently sexual about the human body.

Many cultures see nudity as only sexual, especially when it comes to women, and they insist — even demand — that women be covered from their ankles to their eyeballs. How healthy is that?

Artists, on the other hand, have always seen beauty in female nudity, and French photographer Jean-Paul Goude is no exception.

In this photo shoot with you, Kim, he’s both making a huge statement about the artistry of the female tush, as well as being playful about female power, exemplified by you in his pictures.

In his photograph of you, Kim, celebrating your joy in life by opening champagne and holding a glass on your rear, Jean-Paul is really giving the middle finger to all those who don’t see women as powerful.

Kim Kardashian: It’s So Great That Kanye West Is Supportive Of Your Pics

I don’t agree that he’s just “objectifying” you, Kim, or that you are objectifying yourself. I actually see that when you’re showing off your butt, you’re celebrating your power as a woman, and the power of women in general, to be proud and open about their bodies.

Your husband, Kanye West, 37, is fully supportive of your Paper magazine cover and photos, and is just loving the attention you’re getting. He wanted you to #breaktheinternet all day.

We hear at from an inside source that he wants you to “just live and do you. F**k what everybody else says.”

Well Kim, I have to agree with Kanye. Ignore what the haters say. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating the a woman’s backside. Women have been covered up long enough — for thousands of years — and they still are, in large parts of the world.

I say it’s fine for a woman’s body to be seen and celebrated. What do you think, HollywoodLifers — is Kim’s bare butt cover beautiful or trashy? Let me know.

— Bonnie Fuller 

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