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Jennifer Lopez Interview: I’ll Choose A Man Differently Now

Mon, November 10, 2014 9:32pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 4 Comments

After three marriages and a new appreciation of herself, Jennifer Lopez The author of ‘True Love,’ tells that she’s learned how to make better relationship choices, and you can too.

Jennifer Lopez writes in her new autobiographical book, ‘True Love‘, that she just couldn’t make her dreams of finding the perfect relationship come true.

Jennifer Lopez Interview: Is Ready To Make relationship Changes

“Love proved elusive. But I kept trying. If I could make so many of my dreams come true, why not this,” Jennifer wrote after realizing that she needed to end her marriage to her last husband, Marc Anthony.

But now, after learning to love and respect herself, Jennifer, 45,  tells that she’ll take a whole new approach to finding a man, once she’s ready for romance again.

“I’m already thinking of myself in a different way … when I meet someone that I’m attracted to or have chemistry with, I’m going to take my time and make sure that it’s the right person. That they’re whole too,” she explains in our interview.. “I’m making sure I’m whole first. Then together we can add to each others’ happiness.”

What she really wants is a relationship that’s “supportive, loving, caring, honest, all those things.”

Right on Jennifer. And that’s exactly what you hope that other women who read your book, will set out to do, after reading about your own journey.

Jennifer honestly reveals in ‘True Love‘ that she rushed into marriage with Marc, after her heartbreaking broken engagement from Ben Affleck, just days before they were to get married.

“When Ben and I split up at the moment when I thought we were committing to each other forever, it was my first real heartbreak, it felt like my heart had been torn out of my chest,” she reveals in ‘True Love‘.

“And when the realization that I wasn’t going to have the fairy tale family I wanted really set in, well that was when I started to fall apart,” she confesses.

That was exactly when Marc, who she had been friends with previously, reappeared in her life.

JLo writes that when he swooped in with love, she convinced herself that she was actually MEANT to be with him — “that destiny was stepping in.”

She reveals that she didn’t want to “be alone” at the lowest point in her life and she “he was my knight in shining armor” and the “start of my fairy tale.”

Jennifer Lopez Will Not Rush Into A New Relationship

Today, a much wiser Jennifer, will not rush into a new relationship, let alone a marriage.

“It’s a practical thing to make a great choices for yourself. And to take the time to do that. To know you have to be good on your own to do that,” she explains to “I didn’t want to be alone, so I filled it up,” she admits.

Now, that she’s learned to love her own self — something so many young women need to do — she is making better choices.

All of which is why she wrote ‘True Love‘, so that other women can learn to value themselves before they get involved in relationships.

And in more good news, JLo does foresee the right kind of love coming in to her life.

“I am totally single (now),” she told The New York Daily News on Nov.6. “It’s not going to be forever. Someone great will come along.”

No doubt, someone will.

And JLo thinks someone will be there for you too, as long as you’ve learned to love yourself first! Do you agree HollywoodLifers — can you only find true love with someone else, once you love yourself first? Let me know.

— Bonnie Fuller

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