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Kris Jenner: Bruce Jenner Threatened By Her Sexy New Romance? — Truth

Fri, November 7, 2014 8:00pm EDT by 8 Comments
Bruce Jenner Kris Jenner Romance Corey Gamble
Courtesy of Instagram/Pacific Coast News

Bruce Jenner may have a new lady of his own in Ronda Kamihira, but is he feeling jealous over Kris Jenner’s sexy May-December romance with Corey Gamble? has the EXCLUSIVE truth.

Kris Jenner‘s relationship with 33-year-old Corey Gamble, 33, just keeps heating up! Sex with Corey is making her feel 40 years younger, and she is having the time of the life. Meanwhile, Bruce Jenner, 65, is still dating Kris’ ex-BFF Ronda Kamihira, but is he feeling a little jealous now that Kris has moved on — and to a much younger man? You might be surprised by the answer!

Bruce Jenner On Kris Jenner’s Romance With Corey Gamble: Is He Threatened?

Bruce is, shockingly, not at all bothered by Kris’ new romance, as a source reveals to EXCLUSIVELY. Considering that Kris, 59, started hooking up with Corey basically immediately after the news of Bruce’s romance with Ronda came out, it’s a pretty sure thing that Kris was jealous herself!

However, our source explains that “There’s no point [in feeling jealous]. He’s not competing with Corey for anything. As far as Bruce is concerned, Corey is living in Bruce‘s shadow. Everything that the young man is doing, Bruce has already done. And he’s done everything with Kris, everything.” Everything, huh? Dirty.

Bruce Jenner Doesn’t Care About Kris Jenner’s Romance With Corey Gamble: He Only Cares About His Kids

Bruce really doesn’t care about Kris and Corey per se. He can have Kris. Seriously, Bruce doesn’t care.” Yikes! We bet that Kris would want him to care a little! So harsh.

“He’s more concerned with his children and stepchildren loving him,” our source goes on. “As long as they still love him, call him on his birthday and show up for him and continue to call him ‘Dad,’ that’s all that matters.

Corey will never be that to the children. And because of that, Bruce can never feel jealously.”

Aw, that’s kind of sweet. Bruce is a family man to the end!

It’s too bad for Kris that Bruce is so unbothered by her May-December romance considering that she started it — let’s face it — to deal with her own feelings about Bruce’s new relationship. But hey, Kris is hooking up with a man nearly half her age, and Bruce seems as happy as a clam as ever. Everybody wins!

HollywoodLifers, do you like Kris and Corey together? How long do you think they’ll last? Let us know!

— Susan Johnson, Reporting by Eric Ray

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