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‘Big Hero 6’ Reviews: Bigger & Better Than ‘Frozen’?

Fri, November 7, 2014 9:32am EDT by 1 Comment

Disney’s latest animated feature for the holiday season has arrived! ‘Big Hero 6’ hit theaters on Nov. 7, and we’re all wondering if we’re going to fall in love with it like we did ‘Frozen.’ We have the answers you’re looking for because the reviews are in!

The bond between an inflatable robot and a prodigy takes center stage in the newest Disney flick, Big Hero 6. The animated feature is now in theaters and seeks to be the newest Disney classic with a superhero edge. The reviews have arrived, so should you head to the theaters to see the movie? Click to find out!

‘Big Hero 6’ Reviews

You should definitely go see Big Hero 6 this weekend! The friendship between the marshmallow-looking Baymax and Hiro Hamada is just the thing to warm your heart as the weather gets colder.

Check out the reviews below!

Los Angeles Times

All of the bot’s sweet puffery keeps “Big Hero 6” afloat as it plows into the relatively typical terrain of superhero-villain battles fought with the fate of the world hanging by a thread. Amid all the nerd-inspired firepower that gives the movie much of its flash, the big boy’s droning tone proves to be the film’s stealth weapon, perfect for pulling off highly targeted comic strikes. Pow, pow, kaboom, cuddle…

Boston Globe

The interaction between this potentially lost boy and his new best friend is touchingly, humorously played, with Adsit’s quirkily expressive voice work making you swear that the robot’s minimalist face – just two dots and a dash! – is somehow being tweaked. This core relationship is able to support and help drive earnest themes about coping with loss, themes that the story surprisingly examines a few times, from varying perspectives.

USA Today

Baymax, the irresistible blobby hero in Big Hero 6 (*** out of four; rated PG; opens Friday nationwide), was created by a brainy college student to optimize his cuddly qualities with his prodigious health-care assessment skills. On top of providing spot-on diagnoses, the benevolent ‘bot in the inflatable suit is flat-out lovable…It’s hard not to love the movie he stars in, too. With its appealing array of nerdy characters, inventive architecture and striking cross-cultural production design, Hero is a vibrant romp.

New York Times

Disney’s latest animated feature, “Big Hero 6,” is a bright, visually sumptuous 3-D computer-animated feature that gives you a bit of an emotional workout. It doesn’t have some of the familiar Disney markers: There are no eardrum-busting anthems or warbling critters, and it isn’t a fairy tale, exactly, mostly because it’s about a boy. It’s a Disney superhero movie with a story from a Marvel comic book, if one rendered with the wit and texture often associated with Pixar, which I guess makes it a Walt Pixar Marvel.

HollywoodLifers, are you going to see Big Hero 6? After you’ve seen the flick, let us know how it was!

— Avery Thompson

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