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Gigi Jordan May Face Only 5 Years In Prison For Killing Autistic Son, 8

Thu, November 6, 2014 12:48pm EDT by Lauren Cox 3 Comments
Gigi Jordan Sentenced

This is shocking. After admitting to poisoning her autistic son while under ‘extreme emotional distress’ from her ex-husband, socialite Gigi Jordan was found guilty of manslaughter and faces only 5 years in prison for the boy’s death.

Gigi Jordan, 54, will serve the next five or more years of her life in a prison cell now that she has been found guilty of manslaughter. The mother-of-one confessed to handing her son, Jude Michael Mirra, 8 years old, a lethal dosage of medication that killed him once it was ingested. Oddly enough, Gigi claimed during the trial that her non-verbal son was practically begging her to kill him by leaving her messages in her Blackberry. Did she get away with murder?

Gigi Jordan Sentenced To 5 Years For Manslaughter Of Son, 8

The trial by jury started on Sept. 11 in New York City, and on Nov. 5 finally came to an end.

Throughout the two-month-long trial, Gigi admitted to poisoning her autistic son in 2010 by handing him a lethal dose of medications, which she claims he later took himself, reports the New York Times.

It took five days of deliberations, but the jury eventually decided to side with Gigi — finding her guilty of manslaughter instead of murder. When it comes to sentencing, Gigi faces as little as 5 years in prison — and as many as 25 years if sentenced to the max.

If the murderous mother only receives 5 years, this is a shockingly small sentence for taking the life of her innocent little boy. So sad.

Gigi reportedly showed “deeply sighed” and “little emotion” as the verdict was read, and her lawyers later revealed that she plans on appealing the manslaughter charge.

The defense claimed that Gigi suffered from “severe emotional distress” and feared that her ex-husband, Raymond Mirra, would kill her, leaving her special needs son to be raised by him.

Gigi Accused Of Emptying Trust Fund & Balancing Checkbooks While Son Died

One of the biggest pieces of evidence the prosecution had against Gigi was the alleged transfer of funds from her son’s trust fund into her personal checking out.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough, even after they claimed that Gigi laid in bed balancing her checkbook while Jude peacefully fell asleep and then died by her side.

However, Gigi claimed during the trial that her son, Jude, would type messages into her phone asking her to kill him so that he could die in his sleep.

“Let’s just get out while we can We r going to die anyway let’s do it ourselves instead of them. We need to leave in a way we want to, not their way. Get the pills and try to do it,” Gigi claimed that her son wrote to her on Jan. 26, 2010 — just days before his body was discovered inside the posh Peninsula Hotel.

She also claimed that once she heard Jude struggle to breathe, she desperately tried to save him by performing CPR.

— Lauren Cox

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