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‘True Tori’: Tori & Dean Get Into A Blowout Fight Over A Baked Potato

Tue, November 4, 2014 11:07pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister Add first Comment

When you’re at the point of fighting over baked potatoes, is it just time to call it quits? That’s the point Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have reached in their relationship on the Nov. 4 episode of ‘True Tori.’

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are still crazy-talking. Tori confronts her first husband, Charlie, and what really went down may shock you! But that’s not even what sparks a fight between the troubled True Tori couple. Tori and Dean hit their breaking point when a microwaved baked potato goes wrong — really, this actually happened. “He always criticizes me in the kitchen,” Tori vents to a friend. And in case you were wondering, yes, the lizard is still resting on Dean’s shoulder.

‘True Tori’: Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Fight In The Kitchen

“I feel bad, it was great,” Dean says, in response to Tori asking how his day was, as he walks in the kitchen. Tori is not happy that Dean took time out of his day to go cycling because she feels like he should be spending more attention to her and the family, and more importantly, helping with their finances.

Fair point, but Tori’s argument goes completely haywire when she shifts her attention to a microwavable baked potato, and freaks out when she perceives Dean showing off with his microwaving skills. (To see the full fight, WATCH the video clip above.)

“I don’t remember saying, ‘Oh, well, I’ll show you you couldn’t cook your potato…so I’m gonna show you how I cook this one, in your face,'”Dean blurts at his wife who fires back.

“My head is going to pop off my f***ing shoulders,” he screams. For the record, he adds that they shouldn’t even be eating microwavable food! (For the first time, Dean may actually be right.)

Dr. Wexler Advises Tori To See Her Ex-Husband — She Gets Sick Again

Tori almost ran back to her ex-husband on the Oct. 28 episode of True Tori, but then she suddenly fell ill. This week, Tori gets physically sick again over her nerves, but does end up seeing him.

“I’m already beyond stressed to see Charlie in two days, and now Dean and I are fighting,” Tori says. “That’s just adding more stress to the situation.”

(Wait, did we miss something or isn’t the entire point of this show the fact that Tori and Dean can’t stop fighting?)

In case you missed it, Tori is going to apologize to Charlie because she has yet to say sorry for cheating on him with Dean, and then leaving him for Dean. (Seems ironic, no?)

Tori Spelling Reunites With Her First Husband, Charlie

“Part of me is really scared,” she confesses in an overly dramatic car ride to her meeting. “I feel like a little girl that has that fear of getting reprimanded by her parents. I can’t believe I waited eight years to do this. I can’t believe it.”

Tori finally arrives to her meeting point with Charlie and guess what happens? He refuses to be on camera!

No, seriously. We’re not lying.

We have no idea what actually happened between Tori and Charlie, but Tori is crying hysterically when she gets back home to Dean who is suffering from a migraine in bed.

(What is up with the migraines in this family?!)

Tori wraps up her sob-sesh with a serious diss toward Dean. When he asks her if she regrets leaving Charlie, she responds, “No, because then I wouldn’t have my babies.”

So much for you, Dean!

HollywoodLifers, were you disappointed that you didn’t get to see Tori and Charlie’s actual confrontation? Were you surprised that Dean was a good support system to Tori, after she met up with Charlie? Let us know all of your thoughts.

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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