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Little Kids Rage As Parents Reveal They Ate Their Halloween Candy

Tue, November 4, 2014 1:24pm EDT by Lauren Cox Add first Comment

Jimmy Kimmel strikes again! For the second year in a row, a hilarious new video shows parents telling their children that they have eaten ALL of their Halloween candy. Click inside to WATCH!

Jimmy Kimmel, 46, has once again challenged parents everywhere to playfully torment their children after Halloween. In a new video, multiple different parents reveal to their unsuspecting children that they decided to eat all of the candy they worked hard to collect while trick-or-treating. As expected, chaos ensues!

Kids Freak Out When Parents Eat Halloween Candy — Watch

This is one prank that never gets old!

On Monday, Nov. 2, Jimmy debuted a brand-new video of his viewers lying to their children and telling them that they no longer have any Halloween candy left. Where did it all go? Each parent claims that they ate the candy without asking. Oops!

In the video above, one child has a panic attack as his father takes all of his candy out of the bowl right in front of him. The little boy, devastated as he watches his candy disappear before his very eyes, can not even put together the words to beg his father to stop.

Another little boy frantically searches the kitchen drawers looking for his candy, hoping that his mother is lying to him about it being gone. When he can’t find them, he slowly turns to look at her and very angrily tells her to “get out.” Scary!

There is one little girl that takes the cake from all of this children though. When she hears that her candy is gone, she starts picking things up off of the kitchen table and throwing them across the room. Then, when that isn’t enough to get her frustrations out, she throws a chair on the ground and screams at the top of her lungs.

Wow, these little kids sure can be scary when they think they’ve lost their candy!

Thankfully, there are a few kids mixed in that aren’t upset with their parents. One little girl tells her parents that they can “always get more,” while another boy tells his mom that “it’s fine” before hugging her tightly.

Check out the HILARIOUS video above!

— Lauren Cox

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