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SNL’s Michael Che Disses Sexual Harassment Video On Instagram

Wed, October 29, 2014 6:44pm EDT by Chris Rogers 2 Comments

Michael went on a sexist rant on Instagram, dissing a popular video starring a NYC woman, who was trying to demonstrate how women get continually harassed on the street. Read how he shockingly mocked the project.

Saturday Night Live’s Michael Che, 31, shockingly dissed a recently released video, which demonstrates how women continually get harassed on the street. The SNL newcomer mocked the viral video in an Instagram post on Oct. 29, when he likened the catcalls women get subjected to on a daily basis to times when people come up to him on the street, recognizing him from TV.

Michael Che On Catcalling Video: His Instagram Diss Angers Fans

Commenters were none too pleased with Michael’s post.

One commenter, whose username is @cdschaper, said, “I loved you on the daily show, sad to find out you’re an idiot.”

Another Instagram user, @robradomski, asked Michael to quit SNL. He said, “Please quit SNL to make room for someone who is funny.”

Michael then took to Instagram again to apologize, but he used a somewhat sarcastic approach.

Apparently, his apology didn’t satisfy his followers because @shlomitbuch wrote, “Or just, you know, acknowledge that all battles (to fight racism, sexism,discrimination…) are equally important.”

NYC Woman Gets Harassed While Walking Down The Street

In case you haven’t seen the video yet, actress Shoshana B. Roberts was filmed with a hidden camera while walking through New York City over the course of 10 hours. Shoshana wore jeans and a crew neck T-shirt during the experiment, and while she walked down random streets, men yelled things like “smile,” “have a good day,” and “God bless you.”

It sounds innocent, but if you watch the video above, you’ll see how frighteningly scary these interactions were for Shoshana. At one point, a man creepily walked alongside her for over five minutes, even though she said nothing and was visibly uncomfortable.

The project is a reminder of how common street harassment is for women, and we’re sad to see that Michael dissed the effort. has reached out to Michael’s reps for comment.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Are you upset by Michael Che’s comments on Instagram? Tell us how you feel!

— Chris Rogers

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