‘True Tori': Tori Spelling Wants To Run Back To Her Ex-Husband

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Last week’s ‘True Tori’ season premiere saw a pregnancy scare, but episode two brings about another scary issue — Tori wants to run back to her ex-husband, Charlie!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott‘s relationship is still on the rocks. Tori breaks down in tears again, she fights with Dean again, but we learned something new about Tori on the Oct. 28 episode of True Tori: she’s a hoarder who’s still buried in feelings for her ex-husband! We also learned something new about Dean: he’s scared of Spencer Pratt! Seriously. Just read on to understand.

‘True Tori': Tori Spelling Is A Hoarder

Tori’s friends brought her to her storage unit that she’s been using since the ’90s, and turns out, she’s the proud owner of 127 vaults. Yes, 127.

She has trouble purging of her goods because they bring up the memories of her past — also known as better times.

Tori returns from the storage unit, and breaks down in front of Dean, explaining that she doesn’t want to sell her goods because she bought them with her own money, contrary to belief that she’s a spoiled daddy’s girl.

“My dad wouldn’t have wanted this!” she screams. (You can WATCH her entire breakdown in the video above, but beware, there is a lizard on Dean’s shoulder. No, I’m not kidding. Literally a lizard. Why? I don’t know.)

Tori Spelling Wants To See Her Ex-Husband Charlie

A bunch of crap isn’t the only stuff that Tori is hoarding. She’s also still holding onto feelings for her ex-husband, Charlie — feelings of guilt.

When Tori left her first husband, it was all thanks to an affair with Dean. (Oh, the irony.) Eight years later, Tori realizes that apologizing to Charlie may actually make her feel better, and Dean isn’t so happy about that, but is surprisingly supportive, despite admitting he’s concerned she will run back to him because he’s heard that he’s a “great guy.”

Much to Dean’s surprise, he’s saved by the bell! Tori falls extremely ill with a fever and can’t get out of bed, the very morning she was supposed to see Charlie. In fact, Charlie was already on his way over!

Tori’s friend comes over to check on her and points out that she’s never dealt with confrontation well, and she likely made herself sick over her pending meeting with Charlie. “I think there’s an emotional component that triggers that,” Tori realizes.

Tori Tells Dean She’s Done With Children — Urges Him To Get A Vasectomy

Back in therapy, Tori breaks Dean’s heart when she tells him that she doesn’t ever want to have any more kids with him. Not after what he’s put her through, not to mention, the financial stress that a fifth child would put on their already troubled marriage.

It’s hard for Dean to hear, but Tori urges him to have a vasectomy.

They visit a specialist together, Dean schedules his appointment and then the morning of the procedure comes.

Dean Compares Himself To Spencer Pratt — Say What?!

“Doing it on camera is going to far,” Dean says of his scheduled vasectomy. “It’s my reproductive organs…I don’t want to be like Spencer Pratt. I don’t even know what’s too much anymore.”

Wait, what? Even Tori is confused.

(Yes, he’s talking about The Hills‘ Spencer Pratt.)

“How could you liken yourself to Spencer Pratt?” she asks. “I don’t want to become him. Does the world really need to see this? Know this?”

Alright, at this point, Dean literally makes more sense so I’m going to wrap up and settle on the fact that Dean isn’t getting a vasectomy because he’s scared of turning into Spencer, which would mean his wife would be Heidi Montag, which would mean will get tons of plastic surgery. Oh, wait…

In all serious, Tori goes back with on thoughts and tells Dean that she actually may want more children one day because “one of their main connections” is making babies together, and if they take that away, they’re just “left with each other.”

Dean is so pissed and confused by Tori — She wants a baby! She doesn’t want a baby! What’s going on?! — that he yells at the cameras to go away. And then he calls and cancels his vasectomy.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think about Tori and Dean — should they have more kids? Should Tori apologize to her first husband, Charlie? Is Dean McDermott really Spencer Pratt in disguise?! Sound off below.

– Elizabeth Wagmeister

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Posted at 1:57 PM on October 29, 2014  

A baby isn’t going to make your marriage better…if anything it will add more stress. Tori can’t even handle little Finn at home with her all day. Financially the smartest thing to do is keep the younger ones at home and have one on one time with them. She said she can’t afford private school for 5 kids, then why not keep the two younger ones at home. Tori’s other problem is her hoarding, she has a mess of a marriage and a mess of a house. Purge your crap, get rid of it, get rid of your marriage counselor, she doesn’t challenge you. Don’t try to fix your marriage on reality TV, it never works.

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Posted at 8:36 AM on October 29, 2014  


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Posted at 6:19 AM on October 29, 2014  

WHATEVER she wants. Isn’t that the theme? If Charlie can be bought off like Mary Jo was and forget what was done to him…….he deserves her.

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Caroe Hall

Posted at 6:15 PM on October 29, 2014  

Tori would complain if she got hung with a new rope. She needs a new head doctor, this one isn’t working for sure. You can not please Tori-you can never give her the right answer to any question, nothing pleases her Leave Dean – run as fast as you can. How on earth can you stand her nagging, crying and it will never change. She is a basket case. Great example for her children.

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Posted at 6:07 AM on October 29, 2014  

These people are crazy……two total messes. What more is there to be said by any intelligent human being/?? And why on earth would any intelligent human beings watch this despicable trash?

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Connecticut Sam

Posted at 12:02 AM on October 29, 2014  

Charlie does not want her back.

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