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Justin Bieber Releases New Video — Singing To Win Selena Gomez Back?

Fri, October 24, 2014 6:25pm EDT by 11 Comments

Justin Bieber is singing with Khalil in a new video for their song ‘Playtime’. It sure sounds like the lyrics are aimed at convincing off-again Selena Gomez that he is ready to stop playing games with their relationship. Watch this and see for yourself!

Is Justin Bieber ready to stop playing games with Selena Gomez? “No more playing games, no more arguing,” the 20-year-old pop star sings alongside rapper Khalil in their new video, released Oct. 24,  for the song Playtime. We definitely think he released this video to send a message to Selena — watch for yourself!

Justin Bieber Releases New Music Video With Khalil — Sending Message To Selena Gomez?

The description of the video reads: “Shot a fun viral vid in Toronto for Khalil’s song. Exclusive just for the fans on Fahlo. Enjoy.”

Justin shot a video for the fans or for Selena? After hearing the lyrics — it is pretty apparent this song is for her!

“No more playing games
No more arguing, asking me where I’m gonna be
Such a waste of time
There’s no need to fight (there’s no need to fight)
I want to spend that time laughing out loud
Cause there ain’t really no time for arguing no”

The song actually came out in August, but the two just shot this impromptu video and posted it on Oct. 24.

Justin Bieber Back Together — Trying To Win Back Selena Gomez

Justin is trying everything to get Selena back!

A source told EXCLUSIVELY that, “Justin is so frustrated that he’s using his old tricks to try and win Selena back. He’s hoping to make her jealous by flirting with other girls, like trying to pick up that model in Beverly Hills.”

HollywoodLifers, do you love Justin’s new video? Do you think he released it for Selena? Comment below!

— Shira Benozilio 

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