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How To Have An Orgasm

Tue, October 21, 2014 10:34am EDT by Add first Comment
How To Have An Orgasm
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Whether you’re unsure if you’ve ever really had The Big O or you want to rev up your current finales, follow these steamy tips to guarantee climax every single time.

There’s pretty much no feeling in this world that comes close to the mind-erasing bliss of a truly great orgasm. And yet too many women still report that they don’t always come when they have sex. Not if can help it. Try these titillating tactics during your future romp sessions to ensure you always achieve the happy ending you deserve. Warning: Fireworks ahead!

What Is An Orgasm? — How to Know If You’ve Had an Orgasm

If you’ve already got the basics down, feel free to jump to the section below. But if you’re still iffy about whether or not you’ve actually experienced an orgasm, it helps to understand the science behind one.

You’ve probably felt that warm, tingly rush that shoots straight down to your ladybits when you start getting turned on—that’s the result of more blood flowing down there. As you get more aroused, tension in your pelvic muscles increase; your breathing becomes labored; your heart beats faster; your pelvic muscles start contracting (even toes can curl!) … until all that tension releases at once as intense surge of pleasure throughout your body.

For many women, this can include all-over spasms followed by a feeling of relaxation, which is due to a flood of hormones (like oxytocin, a stress-reliever) that release simultaneously.

 If that doesn’t sound like anything you’ve felt before, don’t sweat it! Just incorporate these tricks below next time you’re doing the dirty to be on your way to strong, satisfying Os.”

How to Orgasm Every Time — The Easiest Ways to Climax

Fact: Most women don’t orgasm from penetration alone. The key is to experiment with different kinds of pleasure triggers to find out which ones send you over the edge. A good place to start? With these tried-and-true moves:

Increase manual stimulation. According to a recent study, women cannot orgasm without having some sort of clitoral stimulation. (FYI: The clitoris is the small bulb packed with nerve-endings that’s located at the top of the vulva.) If you’re having trouble reaching the finish line, try positions that allow your partner better access to your clitoris, like girl-on-top. Or take control and rub your clitoris as he enters you.

Stroke the G-Spot. A lot of sexperts argue about whether G-Spot orgasms are a real thing, but that’s not to say that many women still derive a helluvalotta pleasure from G-spot stimulation. Have your partner insert two fingers inside you in a “come-hither” motion—this will hit that soft, spongy area on the front vaginal wall known as the G-Spot. Doggie style is also a great position because the angle allows for more contact with this erogenous zone.

Use lube. If the last time you talked about lube involved quoting McLovin, consider it no joke when we say: Go buy a bottle. Now. Adding a little extra slipperiness down there helps give just the right amount of friction you need to up your odds of ecstasy.

Relaaax. It might sound counterintuitive, but to increase sexual tension, you have to chill out—particularly when it comes your thoughts. If you’re worrying about how you look or a big project deadline coming up (hey, we’ve all been there), your body won’t be able to slip into incomprehensible bliss.

Focus on the sensation. Mind running wild? Here’s a tip: Think about how good everything feels. Pay attention to every thrust, tongue flick, and nipple graze. Not only will you be more aware of every orgasm-inducing feeling, being in tune with your body also makes you feel sexier. 

Add a vibrator. Studies have shown that women who use sex toys experience more desire, arousal, and orgasms than those who don’t. If you’re nervous, start small with a simple vibrator (like a bullet) sold at most drug stores. If the buzz is too much at first, use it outside your underwear. Then as you get more comfortable, move it directly over your clitoris. If anything will bring you to the big O, this definitely will. Trust.

Find your finishing move. Orgasms are kind of like snowflakes—no two are alike and every woman has her own unique way of falling into paradise. Some need to get revved up with oral pre-sex, some fantasize about porn or celebrities or any other thing that turns them on. The point is, you have to explore different methods to figure out what works best for you.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? What tricks do you use to get off when you’re getting it on? Let us know your thoughts below!

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