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‘Are You The One’ Week 3: Nathan Breaks Down In Tears Over Shelby

Mon, October 20, 2014 11:35pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 1 Comment

Whoa! Are virgins even allowed on ‘Are You The One’?! The house flips out when one of their own reveals she has never done the deed. Plus, the breakdown of all breakdowns ensues when Shelby ends her love triangle with Nathan and Dario.

Nathan, don’t you know you’re on national TV? The poor guy breaks down into tears and throws one of the most embarrassing temper tantrums reality TV has ever seen when Shelby “breaks his heart in half.” Click to WATCH him cry, plus find out how many matches there were this week on Are You The One!

‘Are You The One’ Week 3: Lick It Up Good

Jenni hit it off with Layton last week, but this week, she’s crushin’ on Anthony. Of course, she teams up with Anthony for the challenge, and of course, their “lick-tionary” topic is sex.

(For those of you who missed the challenge of the week, lick-tionary = pictionary with your tongue.)

Another of course moment: Christina and her partner John won the challenge, in addition to Brandon and his partner, Alexandria, so both duos go on the day date. And Christina and John make out.

“We didn’t want to shove it in Brandon’s face, but there were some sparks. We were making out a bit,” John says. And then Brandon admits that he loves Christina. LOVES.

Ashley Reveals She’s A Virgin

The house is shocked when Ashley drops the bombshell that she’s a virgin.

“I’m the virgin of the house!” she blurts out in her confessional interview, surprising Ellie who’s sitting right next to her.

Apparently, Ellie missed the part where Pratt reacted to Ashley’s confession: “I dated so many girls that had purity rings and I, like, went through that.”

Lucky for Ashley, Layton — who’s been shined by Jenni for now — loves her squeaky clean thang. He admits he’s not a virgin, but it’s something he’s looking for in a girl.

Nathan Freaks Out Over Shelby — Like, Freeeeaaaks Out!

Before we get into Nathan‘s freak out, let’s point out that this is the start of week three. Nathan hasn’t known Shelby for even one full month.

Shelby sits Nathan down to make sure he’s okay, after watching her make out with Dario, during last week’s light beam ceremony. Well, he’s not. Like, he is not okay.

“You don’t know what you have until it’s gone,” Nathan says, through his drunken tears, which are hidden under his creepy white sunglasses during his indoor confessional. “Until it’s taken away from you, you don’t know.”

(Can someone stop feeding these poor kids alcohol on national TV already?)

Nathan corners Shelby to let her know that they need to work things out. “I don’t want to be alone!” he says, to which she tells him to do his own thing. She literally has no interest in him. “Other guys have no care to talk to me when you’re on my f***ing nuts.”

And then, Dario comes over and puts his arm around Shelby. WORLD WAR III.

Pratt tries to calm Nathan down, but to no luck. “I’m done. I just want to go f***ing home, bro.” To see what else happened, WATCH the clip above.

Brandon Heads Into The Truth Booth — Who’s A Match?

Brandon and Alexandria are sent into the truth booth, but they’re not a match.

To sum up Brandon’s love life, he’s not a match with Alexandria and he’s not a match with Christina, but Christina and him are head over heels for each other, a la Season 1’s Shanley and Chris, and they head into the boom boom room, but not for long — John comes in and breaks up their hookup!

During the final ceremony, John chooses Christina. Here’s who all the guys chose:

Curtis & Briana; Nathan & Jessica; Brandon & Shelby; Pratt & Paris; Garland & Alexandria; Dario & Ashley; Alex & Jasmine; Anthony & Jenni; Layton & Ellie. (Tyler was left unmatched this week, since there are 11 girls this season.)

Final result: three matches.

‘Are You The One’: The Best Quotes From Week 3

Ellie: “I just don’t believe you can fall in love in a week. You’ve got to know what the person’s farts smell like to fall in love.”

Nathan: “I am a high standard dude. I’ve literally been with girls who are the hottest girls around, ever since I was f***ing 13 years old. Sorry, not sorry.”

Brandon: “I am probably one of the most fantastic people in this house with my tongue.”

Pratt: “I’ve taken a girl’s virginity before, and she didn’t leave my apartment for three weeks.”

Dario: “To be honest, I think he’s just threatened because I’m a diamond and he’s a rock.”

Anthony: “Layton, for example, he’s soft because he thinks I’m gonna swoop on Jenni. [Drinks from red solo cup.] I’m gonna swoop on Jenni. [Makes out with Jenni.]”

Shelby: “I feel like Nathan’s possibly going to pick me, and I’m really not excited about it.”

John: “There’s a difference between being a p***y and being a gentleman.”

Dario: “When you’re a beautiful person, people cling, like a f***ing mosquito. That s**t happens!”

HollywoodLifers, what did you think about week three? Now that we’ve gotten to know Layton, Brandon, Anthony, Nathan and John a bit more, which guy is your fave? And which do you think is the craziest? Drop a comment below!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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