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Taylor Swift: Her Brave Decision To Mock Her ‘Cat Lady’ Image

Thu, October 16, 2014 9:58pm EDT by Add first Comment

Taylor Swift may be a single cat lady, but she likes it that way! Following her cat-filled Diet Coke commercial, find out why she bravely decided to mock her ‘cat lady’ image, as a source close to Taylor reveals to EXCLUSIVELY.

Taylor Swift, 24, is basically ruling the internet lately. Following the much-hyped release of the Harry Styles-inspired “Out Of The Woods,” Diet Coke released a commercial starring Taylor and approximately one billion cats. It might’ve been a little too on-the-nose for Tay, who has said in many recent interviews that she’s finished with dating for a while; that, and her love of her two cats have led many to tease her for being a “cat lady.” However, Taylor has decided to take the moniker back, and that’s why she chose to do the commercial, a source close to Taylor reveals to EXCLUSIVELY.

Taylor Swift‘s ‘Cat Lady‘ Ad: Her Brave Decision To Mock Image

“Taylor used to be embarrassed by the cat lady thing; she knows that people make fun of her for it and she’s sensitive. She doesn’t like being laughed at,” says our insider EXCLUSIVE to Who does like being made fun of? We’ve got your back, Tay.

“But she decided to reclaim it, that’s why she wanted to do the Diet Coke ad with all the cats. She knows people make fun of her for it so she decided to use it and make fun of it herself, that way it won’t sting anymore when other people say it.”

That’s an awesome strategy! Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, after all, and she might as well reclaim the term and shake it off.

Taylor Swift Is Taking ‘Cat Lady’ Back

Besides, what’s wrong with being a cat lady?! Taylor could date anybody at any time she wanted — she’s just choosing to be single right now and happens to love chilling with her two cats, Meredith and Olivia Benson. She’s also a gazillionaire. Not really a life to make fun of!

You do you, Taylor.

HollywoodLifers, do you like that Taylor is reclaiming being a “cat lady?” We hope that you’ll all encourage your inner cat ladies in honor of Taylor’s brave choice to mock herself! Taylor did it, and then got to hang out with so many cats. Like, SO many.

— Amanda Mitchell

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